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blue green navy man might be the one for me
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Here is the measurement guide that you will need for taking your shirt measurements. If you want to wait until I post the chambray colors before spending time on your measurements, that is fine. I just thought I would post this so you can have a look at it ahead of time. READ EVERYTHING BELOW BEFORE BEGINNING TO TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS! Your measurements need to be taken from a shirt that fits you how you want your MTM shirt to fit. Please take your time measuring your shirt, and get your shirt as flat as possible when you measure (even if you have to iron it)! I recommend taking the measurements at least three times, just to be sure you get them right. I will not accept orders until two days after both this measurement guide and all of the available chambray colors are posted. This is not something that you want to rush. Please measure everything in decimals, not fractions (i.e., do 17.25" instead of 17 1/4") One bit of advice: Nathan is VERY accurate in following your measurements when he creates the pattern for each shirt. When he made my first shirt, I literally had to pull (not stretch) my shirt completely flat to get the measurements that I sent him. Measuring flat material and measuring a finished shirt are two somewhat different things. The reason I am telling you this is because if you are trying to size your shirt quite slim, you might want to add about a half inch to all measurements except the collar and cuffs. If you are not sizing your shirt slim, then you should be ok- the finished shirt will measure a tiny bit smaller than your measurements. Here is the shirt Measurement Guide: A: Shoulder seam to shoulder seam across the back B: Length down middle of back C: Side length from shoulder straight down to the bottom of the side seam D: Shoulder seam to edge of collar band E: Chest width, pit to pit F: Waist width, at narrowest point G: Hip width, at bottom of side seams H: Top sleeve length, shoulder seam to end of cuff I: Armhole opening, shoulder to pit J: Bottom sleeve length, pit to end of cuff K: Sleeve width, at armpit L: Sleeve width, at elbow M: Collar point length N: Collar width, at middle O: Collar band width, at middle P: Collar length, center of button to outer end of button hole (this is your typical collar/neck size) Q1: Total collar band length Q2: N/A- there will be one standard neck strap R: Cuff width S: Cuff length T: Total cuff length Please ask questions if you are unsure about any of these measurements! The order form is in a .zip file below.
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OK, stupid question time!

R. Cuff width - dimension from button to button hole along the cuff?
S&T - what's the difference between cuff length and total cuff length?

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R is the width of the cuff- basically how far up the sleeve it goes. The picture above shows the cuff completely open, and it would be attached to the sleeve on the bottom of the cuff drawing. I hope that makes more sense. S is essentially the circumference of the cuff when it is buttoned and T accounts for whatever overlap there will be.
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ok, thanks. The picture is not showing on my screen.
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Really? Here is the measurement guide as a zipped PDF.
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Thanks, that helps
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I'm fairly new here, but would love to get a MTM chambray in red or dark grey, if it really a dark grey-I already have a lighter grey piece. What about button options? Is it possible to get something other than white. I'm think about the fall/winter season.
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JRyder- I'd be happy to have you as part of this group buy. Nathan, the guy making the shirts, is literally right now visiting his suppliers and will report back to me tonight as to which chambrays are available. I plan to have photos up tonight or tomorrow. I will also have photos of the button options, which will be fisheye buttons, either in MOP or corozo. I saw the photo of the MOP buttons and they look great. There are even smoke MOP buttons
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What does MOP stand for in terms of the buttons?
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mother of pearl
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Gotcha, awesome, thanks.
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any shrinkage to consider?
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The chambray is originally unsanforized, but Nathan will wash them...if I remember reading correctly.
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right, who8mahrice. He'll wash the chambray prior to making the shirt. I have handwashed my shirt once in cool water and hung dry and did not notice any shrinkage.
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