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Finance / Investment jobs in Hong Kong (for someone from overseas)

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Fellow forum members, I'll be visiting HK in late May / early June and (aside from getting new suits and shirts) I am interested in checking the possibilities of finding a job there. Could I ask some advice on job hunting there? I'm primarily interested in equities research or private equities (although I guess the industry isn't that big there) but will definitely consider other opportunities too. A little bit background about myself - I'm currently working at Manulife in Toronto - in the investment side - as a performance measurement analyst. My primary function is reporting performance on approximately USD $35b portfolios (mainly in US and Canadian bonds) and also providing attribution feedback to the portfolio managers. I have also covered our international equity desk in the past. Another important task is to provide pricing / pricing analytics on illiquid securities.

I'm currently 26 yo and cannot speak Cantonese or Mandarin, by the way. I'll be checking with some people in my company but would also like to explore the other landscape as well.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

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As far as I can tell, most expats working in investments in HK were transferred there by their respective firms. Getting a job with a local firm would probably (just a hunch) require knowledge of Cantonese or Mardarin (or both.)

I have finance and ib degrees (with, admittedly, no experience) and didn't see too many opportunities. But with your experience, you'd probably have an easier time. Never hurts to look.

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Sara, thanks for the reply. I'll be scouting the multinational financial firms when I'm there, so I hope not speaking Cantonese wouldn't be much of a hurdle. How significant are the local firms there though?

I'm guessing that you're not originally from China, so if you don't mind me asking, how did you end up in Shenzen? How is the prospect there or in Shanghai compared to HK, in term of availability of opportunities and level of compensation?
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I graduated last May and came to China to teach English for a while to test the waters for potential business opportunities. I haven't found much here (in SZ) and found it's really difficult to do business here if you're not intimately familiar with the language and culture (if you're on your own, with a multinational, i'm sure it's different.) There isn't any international finance going on in Shenzhen so to speak, that may change when the financial sector opens up. Everyone here who's making money is doing it managing factories or import/export. I'm not exactly Shenzhen's biggest fan, and I'm moving to India next week. I can't speak for anywhere else in China.

As far as compensation goes--keep this in mind. Hong Kong's prices are similar to (maybe a bit lower than) New York City in terms of rent, food, entertainment. China is much, much cheaper.

Hope this helps. Since I'm just starting out and you're somewhat established, it's hard for me to give relevant advice!

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Thanks Sara, hope you'll have fun in India and perhaps find some interesting business venture.
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