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If you can't wear pink because you're bloody worried about what other people think , you do not need to pass an hour on style forum but with your shrink..
Some rugby teams are now playing in pink for God sake..
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Pink shirts are awesome. They are the go-to shirts for me and always generate compliments from women. Mant tell me they wished their boyfriends/husbands wore pink shirts.
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Originally Posted by Newcomer View Post
A pink tie goes great with a mid-grey suit.
...or with a navy suit.
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I've read this whole thread and now the word pink has lost all meaning.
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I own 2 pink button downs. One I used to wear fairly often, and the other I've only worn twice.t
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light pink shirt or polo for the summer. definitely.
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Originally Posted by lang View Post
light pink shirt or polo for the summer. definitely.

I think the polo is the only typical shirt that I would avoid in pink because I'm in college and the negative connotation that comes with people who wear one. I just bought an RLBL in light pink though. Looks great with some dark brown shoes and grey pants w/ or w/o a jacket.
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Do I wear pink? Absolutely.

Do I wear (Thomas) Pink? Don't particularly care for the place.
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i own 1 pink ralph lauren polo, a must-have summer item
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I don't really wear much pink but I believe a certain piece here or there (if tastefully done) can really add a lot of character to an outfit. If you pull it off, there's really not much more that makes you stand out.
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I have a quite a few dress shirts and a pink sweater. I like them and think they look good and have recieved quite a few compliments on them. I think pink is appropriate for dress wear put I don't wear it casually
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I had a pink LS shirt back in HS. Still is somewhere, not sure where. But haven't worn it since.
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From this female's perspective, pink on a masculine man is hot-t-t. It has an effect similar to seeing a beautiful, feminine woman in, say, racing leather pants and motorcycle boots. The "butch" quality of the clothes only accentuates her femininity and creates an exciting visual dissonance. Similarly, pink on a mature man whose skin tone it complements makes him seem more manly to me, not less. And it suggests that he has the confidence to "own" his sartorial choices. My father, in the 1970s-80s, used to wear a pink Brooks Brothers suit that looked amazing on him. (He was in his 60s and 70s at this time). It worked with his skin tone and coloring, which was very, very pink and light. Interestingly, my skin is more olive-toned, and I can't wear pink at all. It doesn't bother me; I actually prefer the color on men, anyway.
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For the first quarter of last century Pink was seen as a boy's colour:
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