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Edwin Yoshi

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Does anyone know this brand or designer?
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Edwin is the brand, Yoshi is the model/cut. They are a well-known Japanese brand that has been around for a long time.
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I have a pair of the Yoshi Sx model made by Edwin.

Nice one-wash dark selvage denim.
Fit is generous.
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Just saw a pic of someone wearing those on superfuture, looks like a nice jean.

How is the sizing, and what's the availability, are they something that's hard to find / discontinued, or readily available?

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Hi -

Long time browser here, but first time poster.

I tried to register several times over the past few months but everytime I registered it wouldnt let me actually post!

Seems like everything is back to normal now.

Anyway, back to the question in hand. I know a bit about Edwins because I own quite a few pairs myself, and I also import a few odd pairs from a supplier when I manage to get hold of him!

Edwin is a Japanese company that uses really nice quality selvedge denim and real natural indigo on their jeans. (Which means the jeans can appear a thousand different shades of blue and purple, depending what light you see them in. Many denim 'enthusiasts' also feel that natural indigo fades nicer over the years).

Altough Edwin is a Japanese company, not all Edwins are made in Japan.

Unfortunately / fortunately (depends on your viewpoint) Edwin also licenses its brand to be made outside of Japan. In my opinion, the best Edwins are made in Japan.

I guess you could say its like the fact that the best Levis were (some still are) made in America (example the LVC repros). In my opinion, since Levis outsourced to Mexico and eastern Europe the quality has not been as good.

Anyway, the Edwin Yoshi line is largely made in Canada for the American market.

Edwin make several models in Japan to be sold 'outside of Japan', but they are quite difficult to get hold of. (Especially if you dont live in a 'fashion capital' like London or New York etc).

Most of the models you will see for sale outside of Japan though, are not made in Japan (probably Italy or Canada).

I wil shortly be putting some Japanese made Edwins for sale in the classifieds section here, unfortunately I only have small waist sizes available, but I am always getting new stock (sporadically), so if you let me know and I will try and get hold of your particular size.

Here are some pics. The fit is pretty similar to a Levis 501.

Button fly, straight leg, real leather back patch, red selvedge line.
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