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Getting haircut, need advice/suggestions!

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I'm getting a haircut friday, idk what to get! Help! Urgent! Look! OMG!

I don't want anything really short, I like actually having hair. Just give me suggestions pertaining to my criteria.

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go to a salon and ask them to do whatever they want
young man
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You've got thick, bushy hair like I do. I gave up on short and let it grow out. I've had much better luck keeping it shaped than I did trying to keep it thinned.
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It's easier to give suggestions if you can describe your general aesthetic. There's a lot you can do with that length.
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I've got the same type of hair as you do. I now have it very short but I think it'd look good if you thin and texture it. It becomes more managable so you can try out new things with a good hair wax or gum.
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Suggestion: Go to the store and buy several men's magazines. Look through them, find and cut out pics that you like. Then, take them to the stylist.

Or, let the stylist see you in advance and let them 'go to town' when you get to your appt. (Warning: only do this if you trust them and they are a competent stylist)
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Nix the sideburns and go shorter so your head doesn't look like a perfect sphere anymore.
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I think you could try cutting about an inch off all over and push the top forward and your bangs slightly up. Leave it a little messy like you have it and a dab of pomade to keep it's hold but still touchable.
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