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Originally Posted by wttm
LA Guy,
Do you have pictures of you wearing the hoody?
Would you mind posting them?
Thank You

Um, I guess that I could take a picture tonight with a green hoodie (don't have a medium in right now) and post it to show you the fit...
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Okay, guys, here are the bridle leather swatches that Daiki sent me. For reference, 1 and 2 are black and brown, as currently available. 3 is really, really dark brown - it looks black except against the black. Even then, it takes a discerning eye to tell the difference. I've tried to get these as true color as possible, but 4 is actually a darker blue than in the photo, and 6 is more green. In any case, I think that 6, 7 and 9 are the most interesting possibilities. 6 is sort of henna colored (brown with red undertones), and 7 and 9 are different shades of tan, with 9 being lighter with more yellow in it. Anyway, we can only really choose 1 color, 2 if I have a lot of orders. I need to get a minimum number of orders in order to get these made, and there will be a wait time of 8-10 weeks (these are all cut to order). The buckle will be brass (as shown in the thread).

Your comments would be appreciated, as well as PM's if you are committed to ordering. I will order these belts only if there is sufficient concrete interest. Prices will be $170 US. Hope you guys enjoy!


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That henna is making me *really* consider this...
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agreed, swatch #6 is making me consider spending $180 on a fucking belt How many orders would you need to go ahead with this?
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which swatch matches the ct ankle boots the best?
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I haven't asked Daiki exactly yet, but in the range of a half dozen orders, I would imagine. I will definitely ask him on Monday.

And any of the brown (except the darkest, which is pretty much black) will match the CT boots. You don't want your belt and boots match exactly, imo.

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I like 3, 4 and 8 the best, but if 6 is the popular favorite, you can still count on me to order.
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My fav is 5, followed by 4 but I seem to be alone in this...
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any pictures of you wearing the hoody on?
thank you.
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I'm 5'8" chest is 41" and my shoulders are 48" Would a medium fit me ok?
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The first batch of hoodies came in. I will ship them out tommorrow via USPS Priority, hopefully these will arrive at your doorstep by Saturday... I'm sending them to the addresses in the Paypal accounts unless requested otherwise.

I don't have picture of me in one, but will try to do that tonight... although I need to replace the batteries in the digital camera. I am 5'11" and 40 chest, and a medium fits me well, so a medium would probably fit a 41 chest as well, although you might want a large if you have especially wide shoulders.
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I'm in for #6. Also, when do you think you'll be able to put together another order of hoodies?
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Here is a picture of me in a medium hoodie, obviously not the best picture of all time, and not in the Styleforum color. For reference, I am 5'11", 152 lbs as of this morning, with a 40" chest and a 31" waist. If I can get three or four orders in and paid for, I'll ask Michael to make more...


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I am taking orders again for the Styleforum hoodies, this time available in both green (as shown above (damn, that is a bad photo ) and in the Styleforum maroon. I will make an order next Friday, so if you are interested, check out Post 1 for details about ordering.

Also, I've decided to go with color 6 (henna) for the Styleforum belt. Please PM me if you are interested. Please be aware that a deposit to cover the costs will be necessary, and since the belts are cut to order, then shipped from the UK to Nepenthes, then to me, then to you, and Daiki is super busy, that a 3 month wait is not unheard of. Think of it as a "bespoke" program. Obviously, the more orders, the better leverage I have to ask Daiki to get the belts done ASAP.
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OK, I'll throw this out there. 4 and 5 would also be *very* cool, but I don't know how they would look against jeans. I'm already in with a vote for the henna, but would also join in support for the blue or the green.
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