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People who sleep less live longer according to a study covered in this article.
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6 hours on a good day.
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Isn't 8 hours suggested?
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Four is par, in between wild swings of zero and ten.
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I find that I feel like crap if I have less than six or more than eight hours a night, so seven is what I aim for. GreyFlannelMan puts it very well; since I quit smoking and upped my exercise to compensate, sleep is very very satisfying.
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Sleep has always been satisfying for me. But, over the last year I would say I've got 7 hours on a good night during the week. Lately, Ive been doing 6 and feel exhausted at school, but right after 3 I feel fine and couldn't go to sleep if I wanted to. Most of the time. On the weekends, I get probably 13 every night I spend at home. When I'm out until 4 in the morning, I get about 8. Sundays I get 2 or 3 sometimes, because my dad drags me to church.
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim
I've never averaged more than six hours of sleep per night during the average week, that I can remember, so if I have an enourmous sleep debt - it's just one more debt that I'll probably never pay off...

Oh, I don't know. I think all of us are going to pay off our sleep debt (and then some) eventually.

Personally, I need at least 7 hours a night or I have trouble functioning. I can get by on 6 for a couple of nights, but after that it catches up with me pretty quickly.
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5.5 to 6 on the weekdays, maybe 7 on the weekends.

I consider anyone who needs 8 hours / day to be slovenly. Not fair, but I can't help it.
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I think I need 7 hours or so, but function best if I get at least 8 hours.

Sleeping enough is good for your health. It's no more indulgent than eating healthfully or exercising.
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I've been trying to sleep as little as possible and according to my imaginary friend Bob; mentally, I'm better than I used to be.

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I probably average 5-6 hrs a night. I feel much better when I get 7-8 hours a night though. I find as I get a little older that I don't function as well on little sleep like I used to. It used to not make much difference to me if I got 3or 4 hours of sleep a night. Now, I can still wake up and function but I am not nearly as productive.
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I get 6 or 7 per night and I'm rarely ever tired during the day. However, I take a multivitamin every day and exercise regularly - I'm betting it has more to do with the exercise than anything else. I noticed that during times when Im not exercising, I feel lethargic and low on energy.
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Sleeping is one of those things I have never been good at. I guess I average around 7, but I always wake up 4 or 5 times a night, so I get poor quality sleep. I used to compensate for this by having one really early night a week - I would go to sleep at like 7.30 or 8 pm, and not get up til normal time, it helped...i should get back to doing that.
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I need 6 hours, but I like to have more. Lately I've increased my cardio, and I seem more tired in the evenings...Maybe I need the vitamins too.
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Originally Posted by ATM
People who sleep less live longer according to a study covered in this article.
In more ways than one! I almost never remember my dreams, so as far as I'm concerned, if I'm asleep I might as well be dead. I've never understood people who say they "love sleep". You're not conscious, how can you love it? I think what they mean is that they like waking up after sleeping for a long time. But for me, that's just not worth it. Once in a while, I'll get nine hours on a Saturday night after being out late. That's enough for me.
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