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What should i wear to an internship?

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I am going to start an internship at merrill lynch and was just wondering how I should dress and what color ties or suit would be best.
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First, congrats on netting an internship at Merril Lynch. Depending on the branch's dress code, I would suggest be subtle with your clothing. If it is casual, a polo with a nice pair of khakis would do. *The polo shirt should NOT have a "faded" look to it as many polo shirts do. It should be deeply colored and I'd go with a little diverse here... rust-colored red and forrest green polos would go nicely with khakis. You can be a little sleek with your belt and shoes- just make sure they match (brown belt/brown shoes, black belt/black shoes, etc.). **In regards to belt, check out Coach belts. Not only are they of high quality, they do last very long. If ML requires formal, I'd go with suits, of course. I'd be more partial to dark colors such as navy blue with pinstrips, etc. with bright, yet subtle-colored ties. Good luck.
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I'd advise that you wear a suit, unless of course it's strictly informal, which with my experience of Merrill I doubt. If you can afford it, dress exactly like them. Buy a navy or charcoal grey suit with a subtle pinstripe, a pinstripe so sparse that it can't be seen outside of 12 ft. The suit should be single breasted, with either one or two vents depending on your personal preference. If you're tall and lean, go with a three button, if you're slightly more rotund and a bit shorter go with a two button. Wear a white-collar-and-cuff Oxford shirt with it, and if possible an hermes tie. If you can't afford Hermes (they're extremely expensive) try to stick to colors that are happy and bright but not too bright:the key here is to be tasteful and understated. If you look flashy, you'll get a reputation for being an asshole. Try to stick to reds and blues, do not buy a power-tie. A suitable mantra for you to keep in mind whilst buying: Bankers are supposed to blend in. Suits are a uniform that vary marginally, with the only exception in the variation in quality. For shoes, the best is to buy the famous round-toe Ralph Lauren's in black leather, as they can be worn in many other situations. Even better, if you can get your hands on a pair of old-style Gucci loafers, do. Wear black socks and an understated watch, but not a timex. Try to buy an evening watch: something thin and with a leather strap. Do not wear jewelry unless you are married or have a family crest. Above all, smile and be polite, quiet and efficient. Be memorable for your hard work, not your chatter near the photocopier. If you can impress your bosses with your diligence, you may be offered a perminent position, although I'm sure you already know that. --European Interloper
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Thank you for the information. I really appreaciate it.
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As an intern, you should definitely follow the dress code... I don't know what group are you interning in...either in their branch offices or in the NY headquarters... but I think Merill Lynch is still business casual these days.. I know even some friends in Merrill I-banking are still in business casual.. but of course it depends if you meet clients for example.. then you might have to wear business suits etc...
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As an intern he won't be meeting clients as such, the most he'll be is in the periphery to deal-makers etc... --European Interloper
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