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Japanese Denim

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I have a friend that is coming in from Japan in a few weeks, so I figured I would start here by asking what I should have him bring me back.

Right now my current denim lineup is as follows:

PDC GTO 1 Year
RRL Bootcut (non-Wrangler pocket version)
Diesel Straight Leg (Rabox?) in a very plain wash
Nudie RRDS (in transit via gf who is still in spain)

I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, so I guess I'm open to suggestion. Only thing is that I am not really fond of the antifit 501-style bottom, and I'm not sure if I want another tapered jean. I am thinking that this is the predominant style and Japan and I might be eliminating any interesting options, but like I said I'm open to suggestions.

Other than denim, is there anything else I should ask for him to bring back?
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Originally Posted by raley
Other than denim, is there anything else I should ask for him to bring back?

a pair of soiled underage schoolgirl's panties from a vending machine

denim-wise....I'd want a pair of Samurais or SDA 103
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Well, what do you want? I own two pairs of Japanese jeans, Eternal 811 and Studio D'artisan SD-103. Neither is anti-fit and neither is tapered. Both straight, slim (but not skinny) legs.
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I guess I am just curious as to what my options are. Is the best way to research these just to look at rakuten? The pricing would be the same as listed from Yen->USD on the site, right?

Get Smart - how do the Samurais fit?

Mainly I'm just looking to find out what the most popular japanese options are and pick one based on whichever I like.

I think I am going to be aiming for slim-regular fit legs, with straight to boot leg openings.
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Originally Posted by raley
Get Smart - how do the Samurais fit?

I've never tried on a pair, but I have some friends who bought em last fall while in Japan. It's heavy selvage denim (19oz i think), straight leg...on the slimmer side but not tight. The details look really cool on them. I'm guessing they fit like SDA 103 or Eternal 811 that Minya has.
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Those Jet*G jeans are awesome. Proof that backpocket stitching and leather patches can be way cool.
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One word: Uniglo.
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SDA 103 or 203R (which I have) - a somewhat slim straight cut.
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Originally Posted by weirdnjfan1
One word: Uniglo.

Unfortunately, there aren't any jeans being made in Japan by that name.

Sorry, the urge was overwhelming!

I second the Eternal 811 suggestion. If I had money (and the need for yet *another* pair of project jeans) right now, that's what I'd go for.
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For anyone who cares: Eternal 811 and SDA SD-103 are nearly identical, but there are a few differences worth mentioning.

- SD-103 is lower rise (one less fly button), about 1.5" less rise.

- Eternal's denim is... "striated".. for lack of a better word. Vertical striations are very visible in the denim, esp. after some wear. This is not the case with D'artisan. Not sure what this means.
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minya, any idea how the SD-103s wear in comparison to the Eternals (since we all know the Eternals fade beautifully)? I'm sure they wear quite well, I'm just curious whether anyone has any firsthand experience.
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I am sure they fade just as well as Eternal. I've been wearing my pair for seven weeks now and they're beginning to whisker and honeycomb and I can already tell that they're going to be beautiful. (I think that's the url) has pictures of how their jeans fade.
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It's just Thanks, minya. Found it, for anyone interested:
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When you're talking about striations, is it similar to slubby denim? Or just vertical lines?
I find my RRDS is starting to get some vertical lines, but they seem a bit too regular to be classified as "slubby", even though I'm not sure what the exact definition would be...
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