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StyleForum maps

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The Paris shopping threads reminded me of something I've wanted to do for a while. It could be a great collaborative project for us to put together not only lists but also maps of the best shopping locations in cities around the world, similar to what superfuture does. I'm not tech savvy enough to know how to do this right now, but I learn quickly and would be happy to contribute if someone can get it kick started.

I understand that google earth allows users to build overlays? We could eventually grow the project into an overlay for men's clothes, for streetwear, for restaurants and hotels, for design... Really there's no end to what the styleforum community could contribute.

I volunteer to do Idar-Oberstein and Branchburg, NJ But seriously, if the several NYC residents could take a neighborhood apiece and JLibourel could take the entire non-Atlanta southeast, we'd be off to a good start.

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Great idea! I suggested this awhile ago (it's been an obsession of mine for some time - seems so darned efficient for everyone...), but was told the technology is not there. Is Google Earth hosted/are maps viewable by people without the software? If so, it is perfect. If not, even exported .pdf format files would be of great use to users - only those willing to download would be able to turn it into a 'Wiki'. Even if folks don't want to share their true hidden gems in this online map format, the city-visitor could quickly get their bearings WRT the major, est'd shops (e.g. the Madison Ave 'stroll your way to crushing credit card debt' itinerary, etc).
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I would be able to help with this to on my end in terms of Boston, Cambridge, Newton, etc.
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I'm in for NYC and Westchester County
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I've got Hong Kong and Hyderabad, India (if there's anything of note there, I'll find out soon.)
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I'm in for SoFLA: Palm Beach, Bal Harbour, and the Village of Merrick Park.

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London, UK, and I can pitch in for the rest of Europe
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Hey, you're back! What's the name about?
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consider the cheap tailors of Saigon done
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Great idea, Tom. I'll happily contribute to the New York one once it's going.
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I can help with Philadelphia, Taipei, HK, London, NYC, and SF.
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I'm sure there's plenty of folks who can help with LA, myself included
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Is there technology that can do this online/hosted/with possibility of interactive additions? If so, what is it? Will Google Earth do this? If no one answers, I'll download the thing and find out for myself, but I'd love to take advantage of savvier folks before trying to decipher the manual.
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Well I'm on overnight duty tonight so I'll see what I can dredge up on google earth. I might have permissions issues with government computers, but I've got nothing but time to try to figure it out.

edit: the Atlantic article that got the gears turning is free here with associated links here.
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Originally Posted by operationexpat
I've got Hong Kong and Hyderabad, India (if there's anything of note there, I'll find out soon.)
Give Meena Bazaar a look, but please let me know what else you find there. I'll be back in Hyderabad in July.

Oh, and consider Birmingham, Alabama covered.
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