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vivienne westwood MAN- everyday
oliver spencer
purple label prl
shed loads of shoes & accessories a-z
agnes b, cos, sissyboy, a loft design by et club monaco for basics
bespoke and mtm trews & shirts & bowties
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my wardrobe is small, so these are the only brands I have 3 or more of:
weekday <3
filippa k
(these glory days, a few tees)
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Only labels / designers I own 3 or more pieces from:


Junya Watanabe


Thom Browne

Baron Wells

3.1 Philip Lim





Consequently, with 2 exceptions (Baron Wells pants to work 3 days a week, Uniqlo tees to bed or around the apartment) these are labels with garments I wear significantly less than most at this point.  I probably only wear any one of my 4 TB shirts at most once every 3-4 weeks at this point.  APC jeans I used to wear constantly, along with that camo APC jacket but that doesn't get pulled out much anymore.  Philip Lim is relegated to occasional weekends or nights.  RRL is tees and old jeans that are at my parents so only get worn when I go back there.  To be fair Junya gets constant wear when the weather is right though, which it isn't.


When thinking about the stuff I like and wear the most it's stuff where it's the only piece or one of two I have from that designer.  W+H coat/OC jacket/Monitaly Leather/Acne Bomber/Coppens Rug/Dana Lee leisure jacket (most worn item of the winter for sure), Ervell knit, Folk scarf and shirt, T/M shirt, Nepenthes shirt, Engineered Garments pants, Balenciaga trainers, etc.  Most stuff I have maxes out at 2 pieces per designer.

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(as far as responding directly to the thread title)


hanes gray v-neck

reebok gym shorts


all drenched in sweat. delicious. 

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I have a very narrow range of labels that I purchase from, which I'd really like to expand upon in the future to other things (Our Legacy, Dana Lee, some others). The ones I own 3 or more of are

Robert Geller
Patrik Ervell
Stephan Schneider
Common Projects
Uniqlo +J
AA (tees)

I honestly don't own much that isn't of those brands. I own a pair of MMM sneaks, some F+B and NDC boots, and my Siki Im high collar coat. Honestly can't think of anything of anything else in my closet.
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3 or more pieces:

Junya Watanabe
Gitman Vintage
Our Legacy
Stephan Schneider
Undercover (I mean.. a knit and like two tees)

Generally have two 'looks', Japanese mountain/outdoor/farmer bro and dark brooding minimal fashunz guy. Latter is mostly stuff like my Bless, Stephan Schneider, Siki Im/Geller and doesn't get worn very often unless it's fall/winter, but it's interesting enough and I like it, so I keep the stuff around...for now

Gitman makes up the majority of my shirts, only because they fit me well enough and they're all super cool prints. Our Legacy is great stuff that is "filler" I guess, but I generally get it for pretty damn cheap so I'm very happy with those. Would like more Junya stuff but doubt I will convince myself to get some unless I can find them for cheap like I did with the pieces I currently have. Want to explore more Ervell, Dana Lee (leisure or teddy jacket sell to me ok), and most of all, sasquatchfabrix/eototo.
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most of the time i'm wearing uniqlo, sns, apc and my hm boots

eventually will just wear all my nice shit 24/7 but there is a certain liberation from wearing shit you don't care about like the above which is why I do it, otherwise expensive stuff is relegated for going out
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Robert geller


John Elliott


Think that's it.  I have a bunch of Margiela & Geller and then I'm barely hitting 3 on the rest of those.  The rest of my stuff is 1- or 2-offs.

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Own 3 or more:

Mostly wear: sweatpants and tee shirts around the house. APC jeans, F&B boots, no-name brand black winter coat my parents gave me when I run errands, etc. Only really dress up when I go out at night.
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nice thread revival and interesting exercise. here's my 3 or more:


- AA (tees)

- Adidas (stan smiths)

- Black Fleece (button downs)

- Caruso (suits, blazers)

- C&J (shoes, boots)

- Dior (jeans)

- Dries (suits, knits, jackets)

- Fred Perry (polos)

- Gap (tees)

- Junya (jackets, pants)

- Levis (jeans)

- Raf (shoes)

- Uniqlo (everything :-)

- Vans (shoes)

- Yohji (suits, blazers, pants, shoes)

- bespoke tailor (suits, blazers, shirts)

- RYB random yoox brands (blazers, coats)


If there was a typical "what I am really wearing" uniform fit it would probably be a jacket or RYB blazer over stupid Gap tee, Levi 511 and Stans.


edit: I forgot Fred Perry  :-)

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Wow, old thread...can't believe what I posted back in '09. Now it's a little different. I don't go for a wide variety of stuff, rather I go deep in brands I really like. So my 3 or more list is only:

- Engingeered Garments
- Gitman
- Quoddy

That really comes to about 3 pair of Quoddys, 5 pieces from RRL, 7 Gitman shirts (used to be more before size change), and I think it's around 22 pieces from EG. And that sums up what I wear pretty well except footwear (wear Alden and Whites a lot, just don't need 3 of them for that).
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3 or more.

Raf Simons
Patrik Ervell
Stephan Schneider
Common Projects

Need to buy more from Ute Ploier though and maybe some more Jil.
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Patrick Ervell
Thom Browne

Probably some others that I'm forgetting
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3 or more:

Work clothes - Epaulet, WvG, Brooks Bros, Alden
Other clothes - ToJ, MMM, Schneider, Raf, Ervell, John Elliott, W+H, SNS, Uniqlo
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gant rugger (loads of shirts)
lands end (hyde park ocbd´s ,rugby and "fleece" sportscoat"
orvis (slim fit khakis)
Fjällräven (jackets and bags)
our legacy (shirts, blazer and overcoat)
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