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Hay Fok, google much?
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Apparently, I do not know how to use the search function. Shiiit. I'll just merge the threads.
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Man, this is pretty fascinating. Going with the 3 and up rule... Rogan-Hoodies and denim Ever-No love here, but I have a decent amount of their outerwear and some shirts. Gilded Age Rag & Bone-A few shirts Steven Alan-Shirts Nice Collective-Outerwear, some shirts Uniqlo-Basics and the OC Collab suit Trovata-I seem to pick up random pieces from them on discount Diesel-They do make the occasional non-offensive shirt and/or jacket, and my wife used to love them so I have a fair amount from back when. Some PS boots, a shit-ton of Onitsuka Tigers, and a whole bunch of random one-pieces from various brands. Weird, I didn't think I gravitated towards the brands I did.
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j. crew j. press uniqlo brooks brothers clarks levis woolrich hanes
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EG Gitman Alexander Olch Ralph Lauren Sugar Cane Alden
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H&M Hanes AA Gap Zara
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Originally Posted by constant struggle View Post
Okay I just counted, - and not counting SOCKS, TEES, BOXERS OR TIES - I OWN 47 THINGS FROM J.CREW Does anyone have me beat? If I add in Just Tee shirts I at about 70 J.Crew Items If I add in the rest I am at about 80 J.Crew Items VIVA J.CREW
I thought I was bad, but I probably only have 50-55 items total. Wonder what Robert has.
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More than 3 items: Gap American Apparel J. Crew Band of Outsiders Banana Republic Black Fleece Michael J Krell Converse
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My closet is all:
LL Bean

combined with assorted band shirts and Levis.
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LL Bean
Eddie Bauer (great old oxford that I've had forever and love to death...just had to patch the elbows)
Jean Shop
Russell Moccasin
Smart Wool (love their socks)

Come winter you can add Barbour to the list as I have three sweaters and a Beaufort jacket that I wear all the time.
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This thread partially inspired me to actually take an inventory of my wardrobe. It was enlightening and saddening. I now have a spreadsheet and a better idea of what holes are in my wardrobe and what I should be getting rid of. The main lessons I have taken away from this is that I need to stop wasting money at the mall, and that I need to purge my wardrobe mercilessly.

I did not count accessories or shoes in this post, though I do have those in my spreadsheet.

Way too many:

22 - Calvin Klein - anything tagged with a "Calvin Klein" or "CK", mostly casuals that don't fit that well)
20 - J. Crew - too many knits
14 - Banana Republic - the only thing I really like are the sportcoats, and even then only for the price when on discount; the rest of these need to be purged
12 - Club Monaco - almost all of these are shirts in XS, mostly for work
9 - Ben Sherman - fits my frame well, though again I need to purge some of these
7 - Random Korean Brand - need to keep some of these around for the in-laws since they were gifts from them

The rest:
5 - Ralph Lauren
4 - Ungaro
4 - Express Mens
4 - Ted Baker
3 - Theory
3 - Tommy Hilfiger
2 - Brooks Brothers
2 - DKNY
2 - Hugo Boss
2 - Zanella
1 - Claiborne
1 - Dolce and Gabbana
1 - Ballantyne
1 - FCUK
1 - Alfani
1 - Adidas
1 - Cole Haan
1 - Gap
1 - Incotex
1 - Zegna
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i love the polo outlet
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Prada; Dolce & Gabbana; Gucci; Calvin Klein; Tommy Hilfiger; Salvage: PRL; RRL; RLPS; RLX; Varvotos; Raf Simon; W+H; EG; Nudie; PRPS; Versace; Timberland; APC; TBC; Botega Veneta; True Religion; Stitches; R&B; Chimala; FP; Josh Podoll; Michael Kors; Crates; Warren Bennis & Susan Edwards; Brioni; Burberry; BoO; Johnson Motors; KMW; Tom Ford; Stephano Ricci; Guess; Cole Haan; Sportiva; To Boot NY; Jil Sanders; Corpus; TODDS; Johnston & Murphy; WWM; Hugo Boss;....Hell, there's too many items! After spending six-yrs in Europe and shoppping at Farinelli's - not mentioning other major "anchored" stores in NY, D.C. area, Seattle, and Miami - I just realized why I'AM in a recession....
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At least 3 or more items per brand: (this list does not include underwear, t-shirts, or accessories, except AA) Levis, Lee (including LVC and Lee Orginals/Gold Label) Ann Demeulemeester Julius, Number (N)ine Dries Van Noten Jil Sander Comme de Garcons Polo and Rugby by Ralph Lauren Old Navy,Gap, Banana Republic ( at least 3 of each) Converse (John Varvatos) Converse One Star (Target) Raf Simons Tommy Hilfiger Diesel, G-star, J. Crew 45 RPM Gucci Gilded Age, Benjamin Bixby, Hickey Army/Navy Surplus American Apparel Timberland Boot Company Addidas, K Swiss Express, Ruels Burberry, Brooks Brothers Reiss, All Saints 3Sixteen, LRG, Rocawear Emporio Armani Gant - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - When doing this inventory of my wardrobe I learned 3 interesting things: (1) The bulk of my wardrobe is dominated by Levis, Gilded Age, and Army/Navy Surplus items I picked up while serving. I also have way more 45 RPM than I expected and a ton of stuff from Target. (2)Several SF-approved brands are completely absent from my wardrobe, including APC, BOO and W+H . (3) Although I possess quite a few Converse pieces, I don't own a single pair of Chucks. P.S. "Yes I still wear about 95% of this stuff.
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Originally Posted by andyliu52 View Post

i love the polo outlet

It looks like the RR polo outlet has taken a turn for the worse, though, correct? No more RRL or better Polo stuff, just pony-logoed clothes, as far as I can tell.
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