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Does anyone have a up to date Vass price list? He website used to have a PDF but it seems to have disappeared since the overhaul...
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Originally Posted by The False Prophet View Post

Does anyone have a up to date Vass price list? He website used to have a PDF but it seems to have disappeared since the overhaul...

If you look back a week or so ago, one was posted with updated prices.

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Originally Posted by jerrybrowne View Post

It was actually very fast. I called DHL- they forwarded me to their customs collection line. In one case I told them that the item I had sent was a sport coat and not a "coat" as in overcoat, and they dealt with it right away. In the other case I called and told them that the item shipped to me were alterations on a suit I had already paid duty on. Poole had labeled the package as "one altered suit", so again it was dealt with immediately in my favor.

This is one positive thing about DHL's policy on holding shipments with fees greater than 200 USD. Until you pay the fee and the item is in your possession, you have time to fix their screw ups.....

they hold shipments with any duties due.
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Originally Posted by Gavinband View Post

Latest order of four:

Bordeaux shell u cap

Cigar brown shell Budapest oxford

Bordeaux shell loafers

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Those U caps! drool.gif
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Those ucaps are excellent! Could you provide more details?? Love how the u cap is rounded
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By contrast a flatter u which I don't like as much. I had asked for a curved u in the past and even provided photos but received the flat u on 2 makeups. Perhaps it's due to my pairs being bluchers whereas the others were balamorals

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Originally Posted by Shouldaville View Post

If you look back a week or so ago, one was posted with updated prices.

Though I believe those prices are in store only. Prices stateside seem to be $750 plus and worth every penny...

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* High Boot

* F Last
* Hippo Leather
* Single Leather Sole with Dainite Black 
* 5 copper eyelets and 3 speed hooks 
* Goyser - Stitching black 
* Trimming - Black
* Lining - Tan
* Plain toe 
* Size 41G

















Quick Review


This is my third pair from a Vass.  I wanted something other than  2030 service boots, but liked the idea of unique leathers.  Hippo was probably the most interesting due to it’s texture and a color and so I started asking around different makers to see if they had worked with this leather before. 


I contacted a few places and Rezso of Vass had told me they had some old leftover stock of Hippo Leather and that he’d be willing give me a deal on it.  I talked with a few guys on here about the design and decided to try it out on a plain-toe boot.   The idea is that the leather is the star of the show and I didn’t want any type of broguing that would detract from the texture.   I thought the Goyser stitching was nice elegent touch and would compliment the uniqueness.    If you unsure of what the Goyser stitching is, it’s a reverse welt with 3 stitches.  


I was given a discount, as there’s usually a markup for exotic leathers, and ended up paying calf prices.  Total came to 540 Euros which included a 3 piece shoe tree and shipping.  The total turnaround time was a quick 6 weeks and all their shipping is via FedEx.   All in all, Rezso of Vass was easy to work with.  He’s a bit quirky and has a nerdy sense of humor.  He was as excited as I was about the turnout of these boots.  


The leathers are procured by culling the hippos and must be CITES certified.   This means that the hippos are killed for population control and not killed for their leather.  I thought this is an important distinction to note as there are some sketchy places that do breed exotic animals such as Crocodiles for the purpose of procuring their hides. /u/Casechopper probably can give more information, as he has a few exotics as well.  If you are thinking of making a purchase, the supplier will need to provide documentation of proof (CITES certified) prior to shipping to your country.  




The boxes come with a shoe bag, 2 sets of waxed laces and a 3 piece shoe tree.  I really wanted a 3 piece boot tree but they were sadly out of stock. 

When I first opened the box, I was initially kinda thrown off with how dark they were.  I would classify these as Dark Grey or Black.  From the initial photos of the hide, I had thought they’d be lighter grey.  But it may be better in the end as they’d be easier for me to pair with my wardrobe.   But in sunlight, they look very much grey and it’s easy to see the grain from the distance.  

The boots are pretty kick ass.  The grain texture is as I thought it’d be and Vass did a sensational job with matching up the grain direction with the different panels.  

The leather is so soft, it feels a lot like nubuck but with a much much shorter nap.  The texture doesn’t change visually when you brush your hand over the leather like suede or RO does.   Rezso told me that these are a little on the thicker side measuring at 1.5-1.7mm.  I can only guess that the hides are split similarly to Rough Out and  I’m hoping someone can provide me more info on this.  The goyser stitching so purrty and very glad I opted for this.  


On my feet, the leather is incredibly comfortable and uppers required almost no break in time.  I have worn them 2 times and they’re developing nice creasing patterns.  

I had a few minor complaints.  In typical Vass fashion, they tend to stray from the original specifications requested and kinda do whatever they want.  I actually asked for gunmetal speedhooks and blind eyelets but got copper eyelets and speedhooks.  I asked for  lining like purple or grey but got tan. I also asked for a different rounded heel counter and even drew a picture but didn't get it.   But in the overall scheme of things these were pretty minor. 


If you are interested in Hippo leather, Vass is looking to order more of the hides come January 


Full review here and with more pictures

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Those are so badass.
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Originally Posted by ghosty06 View Post

I asked for  lining like purple or grey but got tan

I'm pretty sure they only do tan lining. Has anyone ever been able to order something different?
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Thanks! Namor, I asked for them to be like my ox blood calf u caps which are rounded and sent a pic and they delivered! Sorry you've gone 0/2 frown.gif
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Hello chaps,

All of you obviously are big fans of Vass shoes. If you are in London next week (Wednesday) and would like to see a selection of Vass shoes please send an email to the address shown below to book your place. I think it will be a great opportunity to try on some Vass models and different lasts and eventually place an order for MTO or bespoke. Lovely Rezso Kuti will be representing Vass. Some other brands will also be presenting their products, including Rampley & Co, Monsieur London, Sabel Saddlery, La Bowtique and others.


Official note, after Ascot Shoes:

Ascot Shoes (Vass first Trunk in London) cordially invites you to an evening of indulgence for the modern man showcasing passionate brands in a relaxing and comfortable setting at the London Marriott Park Lane Hotel - Wednesday 4th November from 6pm to 9pm. 
Cocktails, Food and Wine will be flowing along with a fine selection of RTW & MTO Vass shoes will be on display. Rezso the Vass store manager will be in attendance to take Bespoke and MTO order's.  We also have other Gentleman stands supplying bespoke ties; MTO briefcase; pocketsquares; belts; wallets and MTO gloves - all in time for Xmas. If you can make the evening, please send an email to: Tom Beecroft at: RSVP Only. 


Disclaimer: I have not received anything in exchange for bringing this event to your attention. I think it will be of interest to some of view and definitely worth visiting. See you there

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Incoming-   Vass Osloer boots (Valway style) U last 360 Goyser. 

I am super excited to receive this unique makeup soon and Mr. Kuti accomodated all my requests :)


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