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How I lost weight

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Hi everybody. Recently I posted a suit for sale and stated I had lost a bunch of weight and it no longer fit. Several people pm'd me asking how I lost the weight, so I figured I'd make a post telling about my experience and figured others who have done it can post what they did too! Enjoy:
I had starting getting out of shape a couple years ago and last summer had balloned to 235 during my wife's pregnancy (I'm 6'1"). After my daughter was born at the end of last year my wife asked me to join weight watchers online with her as she wanted to lose the baby weight. I always thought weight watchers was just for women, but figured why not give it a try. Keep in mind I work 8+hrs a day a watch my daughter while my wife's at work 8hrs a day too, so it is possible to lose weight with a packed schedule. My first weigh in was in december at 230 with a lofty (and I thought unrealistic) goal of 189! Through december (besides slipping several times during the holidays) until March I just followed the ww diet and dropped to about 210. In March I started walking 4 to 5 mi a day (great way to get the baby to nap). In April I started riding my bike to work (8 mi round trip) and doing pushups and crunches about 6 sets throughout my day. By June I weighed less than 200 and was starting to see definition I never thought I'd see again. In June we bought a treadmill, stopped walking and I started running 5-6 days a week while the baby napped upstairs and started doing some light dumbell stuff (curls and rows). I started off running 3 miles at 6mph and am now running 5-6 mi at 9-10mph. Today I'm about 185, almost have a six pack, dropped from sz 38 jeans to 32, from xl shirts to medium, from 44 jacket to 40, and have run 2 10ks and will be doing my first half soon. I still do weight watchers because it helps keep my portions in check, but I do cheat on Saturdays (I'm not perfect) and I also take a green tea supplement and fish oil. I'm not saying I'm in perfect shape or that this is the best or only way to go, but it's worked for me. To everybody else out there who's lost weight: Congrats! Let's hear how! And to those looking to: Good luck and I hope this helps!
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I'm 5'6 and got to about 200 lbs in college. After leaving college, I focused on eating well - not necessarily cutting out calories but focusing on lighter meals. I did manage to eat a lot of turkey sandwiches. I stopped eating past 8 or 9. Oh yeah, and I stopped binge drinking! I am now at 150 pounds (over a year now) and dropped from a 36 to a 31.

It's easy if you want it.
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Originally Posted by boozingalcoholic View Post
I stopped binge drinking!

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I have to say cutting back on my drinking helped me as well. I learned early on that babies don't give a shit if you have a hangover.
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Eating right and exercising! Good job
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congratulations man
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Props. Jumping on the "loosing weight isn't that hard" bandwagon.
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What about them skin flaps? I jumped down a good 60 pounds or so over the course of a few years and I got stuck with more layers than bedsheets.
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Congrats on the weight loss. You show that even with a career and a kid that it is still possible to find the time and motivation to lose weight. Alot of people use those two factors as an excuse not to take care of themselves.
I personally lost almost 25lbs (dropped 5 pants sizes) by greatly cutting sugar and eating healthier in general. I eat only chicken or fish, hardly any red meats. I don't eat any candy, pies, cookies, cake, or any other junk like that at all. No more sugared soft drinks. No more fatty foods. I also exercise (jog, hike, resistance training) four to five days a week.
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Originally Posted by nekromansur View Post
What about them skin flaps? I jumped down a good 60 pounds or so over the course of a few years and I got stuck with more layers than bedsheets.

your body should eventually fix the skin flaps as it adapts to the body shape.
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I'm doing WeightWatchers as well. Went from 230 in Jan to 195 in July. No exercising... just all portion control. Love their on-line tracking tools.
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I drink 6 pack a night and i'm not a fatty..... yet
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Originally Posted by nomed View Post
I drink 6 pack a night and i'm not a fatty..... yet

Follow your dreams and you can achieve your goals.
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congratulations, sounds like you did a lot of right things. there are very few people in need of some weight loss who couldn't benefit from at least some of your methods.
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figured I'd jump in and join the fun.

Freshman year of college (8 years ago now) I gained 30 pounds, and balooned to 220. I am 5'7". I then went on a 4 month period of "self acutalization" and by the beginning of sophomore year, lost 70 pounds. Man it was fun being 150, wearing small everything, and size 29 jeans.

Maintained that weight through school, but then got into the real world and subsequently went back to 220. Welcome back to large everything, and size 36 jeans. I was that heavy for about 3 years, until last October, when I gave myself a heart to heart talk and since then, have got the weight back in check down to 180. Still high from historical lows, but within striking distance of the goal weight (170-175).

Anyway, I've bought and rebought my entirewardrobe 3 times now, and I'm done with it. Everyday, I wake up, look at the investment I've put into my closet, and basically tell myself not to "F" it up.

And to the guy who said he drinks a 6 pack a night - I also did that for 3 years in college with no affect on my weight, but I was walking 3 miles round trip to my off campus house and working out for an hour daily - so that bascially negated the liquid diet.

You can't live your life in fear but at the end of the day, it's simple. spend more calories than you consume, and you'll lose weight. That is what has worked for me both times on the way down.
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