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ive been here for a while, but never reregistered after the crash. some good info here
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Japanese kids that I talked to pronounce it "you KNEE coo low"
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and they pronounce "Ice Cream"


so what do they know right?
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"McDonald's" is something Japanese people just can't pronounce according to the English tutors in Japan I've talked to. It comes out as Ma-ku-do-na-ru-su
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You really want to give a Jap a tongue twister, ask em to say "Marilyn Monroe"
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I have Levis 505...what does that mean? How is it different than 501, the higher the better? I know nothing about all this, except to buy what fits. I don't like the way jeans look though, my legs are too skinny for them or something
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501 is the original cut. High rise, stright cut thighs, tapered leg. I think 505 is the relaxed cut? The higher number just means it's more recent, not necessarily better. I think 517 is high rise boot cut and 527 is low rise boot cut, but I'm not sure. The Levi's site explains it.
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Ah, ok thanks. Looks like it is just 501 with a zipper instead of buttons.
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Who lives in the UK and can help those of us who wants a pair of Uniqlos?
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