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Best jean around $50

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Levis, Gap, BR, J Crew, Diesel, DKNY, other?

I realize it's a subjective question, but is there any kind of consensus on this board of a good jean for $50? Im looking for a medium color, with subtle washing, and nothing too tight. Basically, something that can look good with either my concert t-shirts or oxford button-downs. I want the jean to look good, but not look like im too into buying jeans, if that makes sense.

I appreciate any opinions!
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Wrangler 13MWZs or vintage.
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Gap 1969 on sale.
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527's for bootcuts.. 501's for straight leg. Both fit well in imo and have a variety of different washes to choose from.
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Uniqlo. Btw, its pronounced Unique-Low ?
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Most of the time Diesels are around ~$180 (more if you buy those weird distressed ones). However, you can get a pair for $70-$100 from a outlet store. You can try Last Call, Nordstrom Rack, or Off 5th. I just went there today and saw a couple of Zathan (slim fit bootcut) and Kuratt (loose straight leg) jeans. None in my size though! From your description, the Kuratt would be a good bet for you. J Crew also offers a selvage denim (or did a few months back). BR jeans aren't so bad. I wore a pair for more than a year and it was falling apart but I definitely got my money's worth. Watch out for the sizing on A&F, BR, Express jeans though. They seem to be bigger than the actual size (I have some A&F jeans that are marked 31 but became unwearable and felt like 34s).

Good luck and let me know what you end up going with. I need more jeans in my rotation.
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Originally Posted by Flame
Uniqlo. Btw, its pronounced Unique-Low ?
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501s - no matter how crappy some people here will make these out to be, they are great, especially for the price. They come in 20 washes. I'm sure there is something for you there.
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Levis, or do some searching and find some good stuff on sale.

My personnal finds:
Built by wendy wrangler $30, earnest sewn filson $50, PDC ICN $70
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Btw, its pronounced Unique-Low ?

Uniqlo is meant to represent "unique clothing company", and its name should be pronounced Unique-Clo.

Btw, no mentioning of jeans from H&M and Zara? After all, he wants to look like not too into jeans.
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Nah, I have a pair from Zara and I hate them. I bought them because I liked the colour and they were cheap. Turns out that when I sit down the butt area stretches and when I stand up again, it sort of sticks out. Looks awful, as if I had a pointy butt, lol. Denim doesn’t feel like much quality wise either. I have a pair of GAP 1969 that seems pretty okay. I think I’d actually wear that one if it weren’t black.
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i'd go to a thrift store and get some orange tab Levis (assuming you don't find any BIG E or little e redlines). actually, with 50 bones you could go to a vintage shop and cop some nice old levis. or hit the bay. i just saw some denime 66's go for $60 on eBay last week. plus there are the "market" sections of this forum, supersomething, and such...

if you give me your measurements and the $50, i could find you something.
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i second the orange tabs... i find em for under 10$ most of the time, under 5 if they are mid to late 80s. let us know your measurements, i might have someting for you, and for less than 50$.
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ha! you following me CMF?
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best under $50 jeans I own and still wear often, UniQlo dry selvage and Levis 514 slimstraight (wearing em in today's "What You am be wearing" pic)
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