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Prada sportcoat

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What do you guys think of this prada sportcoat . I'm looking for a black sportcoat for casual wear and to go with jeans. I like the cut and the fact that it's double vented. However I'm doubtfull on the authenticity (prada for $265??) and on how well it will go with jeans. In January I'm going to study in Italy for the spring semester. I'm wondering if I should hold out and get the same type of coat there for a deal (dosn't have to be Prada, but something nice along those lines). I'm also skeptical cause I HATE buying things without trying them on first. Should I just jump on this deal???
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I'm doubtfull on the authenticity (prada for $265??) and on how well it will go with jeans.
That eBay dealer, AuspiciousOne, has been around for quite a while, and sells authentic goods. I think the jacket would look cool with quality jeans, and great with a pair of slacks. If it's your size, jump.
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P is right, that is one of the few Ebay sellers I wholeheartedly trust. Nice jacket.
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Not a bad jacket, and probably authentic, but the texture might not be right to wear with jeans. I would advise you to wait until you get to Italy. You'll get a better sense of how guy's dress there, and the shopping should be phenomenal.
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I buy alot of Prada and I think that jacket is authentic although from a few seasons ago so that's why it's cheap.
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