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Classical vs funky

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I just wanted to start a conversation about fashion. Classic clothes I define as the clothes that the guys from Ocean's11 wore as well as Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond movies. Funky Clothing I describe as Lenny Kravitz. Where would you suggest shopping for these styles of clothing? What image do these clothes give off? jazz71
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I would advise one to be careful when entering the realm of "funky". It is an unfortunate truth that many people who dress "funky", simply do not know how to dress. They say they are making a statement. What are they stating? - may I ask? That they cannot dress, or that they need attention? In my eyes majority of "funkers" are in the same league with class clowns of our youth. They are always there, always fun, but we never want to be them. This does not mean one should wear slacks and button-downs exclusively. Not by any means. What it means that if one is to wear a "funky" outfit, he should keep in mind the image he is sending. If it is appropriate for the environment then perfect, but if not, then the wig and the red nose will not be far behind. Match the clothes to the atmosphere, to their respective color and tailoring, and you will be a refreshing breeze, not a caricature. Just my opinion, I may be wrong in your eyes, but then again you may be in mine.
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gqelements - spot on. I generally think baggy and loud clothes are quite fowl (and that's for any occassion)
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Hmm I agree in theory with the two above comments but a) they were quit rude to the general populace and b) many people can get away with looking 'funky'. Many, I agree, cannot due to their utter lack of taste or perhaps their flaunting of the fashion rules, but the few that can look superb. The key to being 'funky' is to actually blend in. It has to look like your normal state of dress, and for that reason cannot be too drastic. I wouldn't advise, for example, putting safety pins through ears and replacing scarves with black plastic bags. I would, however, recommend some of the less overt punk-statements like Juntya Wantanabe's (sp. sorry) large-lettering. A friend of mine drew a message in fixable chalk on black flannels, and it looked amazing. I think the key, if you have any fashion sense, is to buy and piece together watever catches your eye. If you lack fashion sense, buy whatever GQ (particularly GQ europe) recommends. --European Interloper
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Funky.  Unfortunate word, but I understand what you are saying. Personally, I feel confident in saying that I have a refined, very particular sense of style and it is very funky, but it hasn't run astray.  Most people, men or women, who try to dress funky end up looking like morons.  That's because most people are morons, weather they try to dress conservative or hip. If one is going to dress in an "alternative" way, that is, with a strong influence from rock music and "underground" styles (none of which really exist, but that's a whole other post), one HAS to be 100% confident in their choices and wear only carefully chosen clothes.  It's not for beginners.  One also has to be thin.  Very thin.  Skinny, preferrably.  It's impossible to be hip if you are fat.  Sorry, but it's true. Flame me back if you want, but when you see a model on the runway wearing a size 38 waist, there will be ice in hell. If you don't have an image in your head of whose look you like (i.e. - David Bowie, David Beckham on a good day, possibly L. Kravitz and even Brad Pitt), you need to get one. Have an image of the look you are going for so before you buy that hip vintage leather/vinyl jacket you know what you will wear it with (NOT Dockers, obviously). Role models are key if trying to fashion a hipster look. As Bowie himself said "It's not who does it first, but who does it second, that makes a trend." And the look you are going for has to be fully realized, not half assed. Don't mix a funky jacket with a pair of chinos and Rockport shoes. DO mix that same jacket with a pair well fitting, stylish jeans (i.e. - Mavi) and shoes that work WITH the look, not against it (Prada, Steve Madden, etc.). The key is to have a look you are aiming for - and to not just "wing it". Never, ever let the salesperson sell you on "the latest thing". Do you own research and find what's in. Surf like mad on hip sites (, and even and be a sponge. Buy the European fashion mags like FHM and Homme. Mixing designer labels with vintage finds to maintain the right edge is not easy if you don't know what look you are going for.   It's all confidence in attitude and attitude through confidence.  Obnoxious to some, but if you can pull it off, you have it made in the world of the hipsters. The Alan Flusser's of the world will cringe if they saw you, but what the hell. There's enough Brooks Bros to go around. Have some fun, loosen up and play. Just do it right, and don't try it if you are fat - it won't work no matter how hard you try.
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