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The Artifice.

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Originally Posted by LabelKing

How convenient! Now the Japanese can purchase a fanciful heritage just as we Americans do when we spend our money on R.L. evocative merchandise.

I cannot argue R.L.'s success.

It's no wonder I was unable to find photos in the attic depicting my ancestors at the Polo match. Ralph's people must have purchased the photos at my grandparent's garage sale after the crash of '29!
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Of course, the genesis of Ralph Lauren is contained in this: "This is being treated as we speak," says David Lauren, referring to the baronial stone staircase waiting for an antique patina "
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The story seems to end a bit abruptly.
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Nice-looking facade...
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My wife and I did the rounds at the antiques stores in Lancaster County, Pa., and couldn't find much equestrian art. We asked at an antiques mall about it and were told people from Ralph Lauren had cleaned them out.

So I guess RL is planning further expansion.
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