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restaurant recs for toronto?

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I will be in Toronto with my gf on her birthday. Can anyone recommend a restaurant that is nice/romantic/memorable? Would be nice if it is in walking distance from Sheraton centre, otherwise anywhere in the city is cool as well.

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I've only been to a few in TO, luckily they were good. Perigee and Splendido were the best in terms of cuisine - but they are expensive, and the former rather "foodie". Speaking of foodie, Susur is another destination restaurant, one whose food I felt did not live up to the hype or price. Splendido is the best for a romantic dinner, All are within a couple km of the Sheraton Centre, though in different directions.
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The Pickle Barrel!

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The best meal I've had in a restaurant in Toronto in the last year was at Cantine. They have a website here: It's nowhere near the Sheraton, but their prices are surprisingly low. I've never been, but Kalendar (546 College St.) is supposed to be very romantic (it consistently gets voted as the #1 place to go on a date). Again, nowhere near the the SHeraton, I'm afraid. Finally, if you want to splurge, go for Sunday brunch at the King Edward hotel. Reservations are a must, as it's very popular, but it's a lovely spread that they put on.
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kalendar sounds interesting. do you need to make bookings?
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Anywhere along King St. W. is nice. Places like Crush. If you want something a bit different I would recommend Torito in Kensington Market. It's about a 10 minute cab ride from the Sheraton.

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Originally Posted by ruzzi
kalendar sounds interesting. do you need to make bookings?

Probably not, but it wouldn't hurt to give them a call and try -- especially if you were planning on going on a Friday or Saturday. The number is 416-923-4138

Let me reiterate... I have never been, I'm just going by what the voters say: here. (Scroll down to "Best Restaurant for a First Date," although you may find the whole page useful.
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How much are you looking to spend?
If you're looking for memorable try "360" which is the revolving restaurant on top of the CN tower. It has a great view of the city, and is a favourite destination for visitors. It's not too far from the Sheraton.

There are actually lots of great restaurants in the area. Maybe look at Canoe which is at the top of the nearby TD Centre; or Bymark, which is in the basement of the TD Centre.

BTW, all these places are going to be $100+ CAD for two.

Also, I think Le Bifthèque, which is a decent steakhouse, is actually in the Sheraton.
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360 certainly has a great view. The food is forgettable, though.
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Agreed. Nice wine list though.
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try the website or for more views of restaurants up there.
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thanks for all the recs so far

a relative recommended me scaramouche? i looked at some reviews. anyone have any opinions? someone stated that business/jacket/tie is required... how strict are they with this as ill be on holidays and will only have jeans/dress shirts/blazers...
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Get a table by the windows if you go to Scaramouche. It's a classic with great atmosphere. I was there less than a year ago and saw men dressed sans tie. Sport coat, shirt, and trousers will be fine. I don't know about jeans. Most men are dressed in suits, so even if it passes, you may still feel uncomfortable.
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Scaramouche is very nice. I don't think it's as highly regarded as it once was, but it is certainly very good. It's a short drive from downtown, and I'd suggest taking a cab or go with someone who knows the area. The restaurant may be a bit tricky to find otherwise. Jeans would not be a good idea there.
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thanks for the heads up re: dress

one last question. me and my gf are only in our mid 20s and not frequent "fine diners" per se. would we find scaramouche uncomfortably intimdating? the place looks really great - romantic/view/elegant. but because of the dress (i've never been to a restaraunt where u HAD to wear a suit/jacket and tie). should i be worried?
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