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What do people think of Ike Behar ties?

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I've never owned one, but the ones I've seen look very substantial and nicely made. Pricing seems very reasonable compared to ties of similar heft.

How do they rate overall? What brands would you rank similarly?
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My general impression of Behar is that it is mediocre, but not terrible. A decent value for the money, but not an 'undiscovered secret' like some of the Forum faves (Belvest, Caruso, etc).
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It's a good solid tie, but don't buy at retail. If you can find one you like at deep discount then go for it. I'm wearing an Ike Behar tie that I bought at Marshall's a couple of years ago for about $12 in my Friday 'wedding photo' in the 'What Are You Wearing Now?' thread.
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My wife gave me an Ike Behar tie and I see quite a few at the nearby Saks Off-5th where I buy most of my ties these days. They're okay, but I much prefer some other makes like Brioni and Canali, especially Canali, my favorite ties of all!
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I would put it at mid-tier. Solid, does the job, but its qualities aren't great.
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They're not sold where I live, but I've picked up a couple on eBay that I think are nice.

The construction isn't artisanal quality or anything, but they can produce some interesting colors and patterns, just like the 'craftsmen' labels can produce some spectacularly ugly ties at times.

Come to think of it, I've seen both Ike Behar and Kiton ties in the same pattern, just in different colors.
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Plenty of Behar ties at TJ Maxx tonight priced at $15 with a couple on clearance for $10.
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They must have different lines. I have one Ike Behar tie that I love. It has very thick and supple silk, a beautiful woven pattern, and ties perfectly. I bought it at an end-of-season clearance from NM. However, most of the stuff I've seen with that label (including a lot of the stuff at NM Last Call) is pretty lacking.
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I am quite satisfied with my Ike Behar tie, which seems to be fairly well made. I find their patterns and colors to be quite interesting, and I would almost put them on the same level as Robert Talbott Best of Class ties, which are $25 more. They also tie pretty nice knots.
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I'm not sure this is correct but i think they may make two levels of ties. The ties are made by insignia ties. I own two one i got at discount for $30 and one i paid retail for just cause i really liked it. Like their shirts they ahve a black label and a gold label tie. Both made in the U.S. and Hand Tailored but the gold label seems to be of nicer silk and a little better quality. Maybe its just me but i do like their ties and they can be found a great discounts.
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