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Band of Outsiders, RRL slim fit, APC NS 30, Paul Smith, Steven Alan, Wings + Horns

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--My apologies to anyone who contacted me via PM in the last few weeks. Although I managed to get back to some of you, others I may have missed amidst the amount of PM's I was opening and replying to. If you did not get a reply for me, please just shoot me another message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!-- Over the past month or so, I've picked up a few things on the 'net (either via SF or other places I frequent), but I need to fund a trip to Vancouver that has recently become feasible for me. If I am reselling something that I bought on SF, I am selling it at what I paid for it, so in reality I'm selling everything at a loss because of shipping costs. I also have some miscellaneous items that I have worn that I'd also like to try my luck selling. RRL 30 x 34 Slim fit jeans, BNWT (Photos and measurements from Sunman4200)- $90 shipped Measurements waist: 16.5" across upper thigh: 10-11" knee: 7.5" leg opening: 7.25" inseam: 33" APC New Standard sz. 30, unhemmed. I bought these off another member last year, but wore them sparingly. They were cold soaked once, and are a little softer than the other ones I have listed (see below). The fades are just starting to come in, but there is still a ton of life left. Looking for $80 shipped APC New Standard sz. 30, hemmed to 30L. I bought these off another member in the spring, and wore them a few times. I recently picked up a pair of Petit Standards, which was what I was really looking for (thanks tvontheradio!). I was told that these were worn for 6 months and unwashed. I wore them about a dozen times since purchasing them, and they have not been washed. Great pair for someone who wants to get a head start on fades. Looking for $70 shipped. Comparison between the two APC's (30x30 is on top, 30x34 is on bottom) Measurements for both APC's (they fit similar, save for the inseam, which are listed above): Waist: 16.75-17" Thigh (between crotch and knee): 11" Knee/cuff: 8" TAKE BOTH APC's FOR $130 SHIPPED Wings + Horns slim grey jeans, size 30, NWT These slim fit jeans run closer to a true size 30 (unlike the APC's), and are quite amazing jeans. I bought them for $135 at Holt's Last Call, but I can't return them because they have a no refund/exchange policy. Looking for $120. Measurements: Waist: 15" (15.5" when measured from behind) Thigh: 9-9.5" Knee/cuff: 7" Inseam: 34" PS Paul Smith Cotton Navy Blazer, size small. The blazer fits very slim, with a very aggressive silhouette. The shoulders are unpadded, and the jacket is fully lined with a beautiful brown polka dot pattern. There are some amazing details on the jacket, and it can be worn up or down. Bought at Holt's Last year, and it will come with its sales tag in the pocket. $200 shipped Here's a new photo. Details will be taken upon request. Please note that the jacket seems somewhat purple-y here--it is actually a true navy blue with dark tan pick stitching along the lapels with a brown polka-dot lining. Working buttonholes. Quite unique! Measurements: Shoulder: 17.5" Chest: 19.5" Waist: 16.5" Length: 28.5" Sleeves: 25.5" Band of Outsiders x Sperry shoes, size 11- SOLD Steven Alan shirts, size XS.- SOLD Band of Outsiders Red Overdye Batiste- SOLD Dior Homme Blacktie 51/s in tortoise with brown lense (Photos and measurements from kjs30821)- SOLD Nudie Slim Jim 33 X 34- SOLD Supreme Mini Duffel (Duffle?) Bag- SOLD
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Band of outsiders shirt sold
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I'll take the Supreme bag if you still got it. Send me a msg with you're paypal address.
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Diors sold, $90 for the RRL's--c'mon, I'm losing money on them!
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Payment sent for the Supreme bag
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I'm interested in the nudies, but I may need to wait for some ebay auctions to end so I've got money to waste, haha.
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Just the RRL's left--why was there so much interest when I bought them, and now nobody wants them?
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Added items!
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You don't happen to have any other BoO/sperry shoes you're looking to get rid of huh?
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No, sorry--it was my only pair. The BoO's are now sold.
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anyway i can get a fit pic on the rrl's?
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Still interested in the Steven Alan shirt on the left, PM me payment info if still for sale
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What's the front & back rise on the RRLs?
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measurement of paul smith?> do you have clearer pics? thanks
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measurements on the Steven Alan shirts, please?
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