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Where to buy hats?

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Does anyone know of good places to buy hats online or in San Francisco? Are there any particular brands of hats to be aware of or is it more a matter of finding a good store?
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I've had good luck with Miller Hats in Houston. Although I frequent their bricks and mortar location, they also have an online presence:
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Wilkes Bashford has Optimo hats.
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I'm assuming that this is your first foray into the world of hats, if so I think that it is very important to be fitted by a professional. Go to a real hat shop that has an extensive inventory that will allow for the best fitting hat considering your face, physique and coloring.

Here are some shops in the SF area to consider:
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If you get down Southern California way, be sure to check out Baron's California hats in Burbank. They have a decent inventory of RTW hats and do excellent custom work at reasonable cost. I am wearing a Baron's fedora that they custom made for me as I head for home this evening.
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Just a postscript to the above: I would advise shunning The Village Hat Shop at all costs. I had the worst retail experience of my long life there! I finally packaged up a defective hat I bought from them and shipped it back to them with a nasty letter. I would rather die of exposure or sunstroke than deal with The Village Hat Shop again.
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