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Originally Posted by MR_Song View Post

2" in the waist and 3" inseam

The waist shrinks a bit but then stretch out again after a few wears. I would say at most 1" shrinkage in the waist, or insignificant shrinkage. I would buy them true to size.
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Dont know if anyone is interested ive just listed some LVC jeans
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I just got some 47s, they fit me nearly perfect everywhere out of the bag, but they're really long. I'd like to wash them to shorten them a bit, but I don't really want them to get too much tighter. From my understanding, the waist will go in an inch or so but then stretch out, but what about the thigh and calf? Any significant shrink there?

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yeah..size up
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I'm sure you guys know that LVC and Made and Crafted has been run out of Amsterdam for the past few years headed up by Maurizio Donadi in the XX department. Now it seems that Levi's are shutting down that operation and moving it all back to SF and Maurizio is leaving/left. Just as Levi's looked like they were finally getting their heads round the LVC possibilities. Can't forgive Maurizio for the appaling website though. 


Cue Levi's messing it up again.

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^ more here....

24 Nov. 2011

Simultaneously to the confirmation by Levi Strauss & Co. that its premium jeanswear line Levi’s XX will be integrated into the regular jeanswear collection, a spokesperson of the company confirmed that Maurizio Donadi, Senior Vice President Levi’s XX, will leave the company. Maurizio Donadi himself was not available for a comment, but the spokesperson added: “Maurizio Donadi has graciously agreed to remain on board until March 2012 to oversee the transition."

Despite this, sources in the market confirmed that Donadi has also been covering a position being responsible for the global Levi's brand presentation for about a year. For the months to come, before he is leaving the company, he will also be busy at renovating the Levi Strauss booth at Bread & Butter Berlin in January 2012, and participating in the design of a new Red Tab store in Amsterdam, Kalverstraat, to open beginning of December, and a new Levi's store to open in Paris Champs Elysees in spring of 2012.

Moreover, the integration of the premium jeanswear line Levi’s XX into the regular jeanswear collection of the brand was confirmed by Levi Strauss & Co.: “We had incubated the premium denim almost like a start-up. Now that Levi’s® XX has matured and proven its viability, we are integrating the premium denim into the Levi’s brand and we are committed to offer premium denim for consumers with our Levi’s® XX line.” According to the spokesperson, Levi's XX will also be presented at Bread & Butter in January 2012, without mentioning on how exactly the process of integration will happen.
Maria Cristina Pavarini
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Levis has a number of very passionate people in San Francisco that love everything about LVC. If those people could make decisions the brand could get back to it's once great status.

I have tried contacting the company on many occasions and find it odd how challenging it is to communicate with anyone who has anything to do with LVC, much less get a reply. Levis seems to be particularly bad at consumer response. I've had much better success with companies many times their size or smaller firms who want good customer interaction.
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No insight on why Maurizio Donadi is moving on?

It could be as simple as he not wanting to move to San Francisco.

His interview in Inventory certainly communicated his enthusiasm about Levis to me.
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Close-up pics of patches done recently by Rachel at the Levis Tailor Shop in San Francisco on my seven year-old LVC 1947 501XX . She used Cone Mills raw denim.


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Oh man, that looks interesting!
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I have some LVC 47s and 44s up for sale in the denim B&S ... 33x34 in the 47s ... and both 32x34 and 33x34 in the 44s... all NWT
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I heard that there will be a sale some time soon at the Union Square Levis store in San Francisco. They have a lot of stuff. I'll let you know when I hear a date for sure.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

I heard that there will be a sale some time soon at the Union Square Levis store in San Francisco. They have a lot of stuff. I'll let you know when I hear a date for sure.

I got the call last night from the SF store. 50% off some non-denim items for sure, but I can't give you specifics beyond that.
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I highly approve of the LVC Shawl Collar Wool Toggle Sweater. If it's on sale, grab it.
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Gilt has some piece via Private Offer, PM me if there is any interest




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