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Digging up an old post there. The conclusion I came to is that common sense says these aren't fakes, but retagged samples that were pulled from production before being finished. The red tabs were sewn in after the fact. It would also explain the cardboard patches, the chalk lines, and why the jeans seem unfinished (missing rivets, tagged size significantly different from measured size). I kept the 37s as beaters and returned the other two.

They have the "rusted" buttons and Made in Turkey from the LVC distressed/washed denim, but they are raw. This is a pretty big hint that they were samples pulled from production pre-wash.

If they are fakes, they are very bad and made by someone who is either completely inept or who went through a lot of effort to make them actually look this bad.
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54 501z fit question:


Does anyone know what the typical length shrinkage is for 501z post-wash?  Just bought a new pair in Rigid with 32" waist and 34" inseam.  I normally wear 30" inseam (5'7") so they are 4" too long.  My concern is if I do a 2" double cuff roll to get the length down to 30" inseam, my legs will look even shorter with the cuffs.  Should I get them hemmed now or just wear them stacked and look sloppy before the first wash?



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I've got an old pair of the 1966 501s that I like, but fancy something slightly slimmer, but not really slim. I was thinking of the 1947's - am I right in thinking they'd be slimmer in the thigh and leg but without the taper?

Waist measurements look a lot bigger on the 47's for the same tagged size - are they large fitting?

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