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LVC '67 505: "second skin" fit, high rise at the rear, tight at thigh and tapering at calf.
Current 505: Dad jeans. Low waisted, straight roomy legs.
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I have found the LVC jeans waist to be more true to size versus the mainstream jeans.  So i would wear a 36 in LVC versus a 34 in the mainstream 505 cut.  With the mainstream 505 you need to watch the label as you will have 2 different waists - "sits below waist" - newer cut and "sits at waist" older cut we all (or most) grew up with.  I am good with the "sits at waist" cut in the mainstream 505 as it is what i have been used to for 35 years.  many of the large department stores have a good selection to try on for the mainstream jeans whereas the LVC  1967, 1954 etc may not be found locally.


hope this helps.

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Thanks guys. That fit sounds horrible for me so I guess I'll pass. But Haven have 2 good washes in that fit for 165CAD that people might be interested in. If it sounded at all like they'd work for me I would definitely have tried them.
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i never seen lvc irl but i seen some stuff online...i normally wear 501s in 34x30 my questions are do they even make the washed stuff in 30 inseams? and how much will they shrink in the inseam (the washed stuff not the stf)? 

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Couple questions. Are all LVC 501s unsanforized except for the rinsed versions? I'm looking for a loose or regular tapered jean and found the 54 501 and 66 501 to match that fit, what is the difference between the two fits? Measurements seem to say the 54 is slightly slimmer. Are there any models that fit similar? And finally, is there much difference between the rinsed and rigid versions except the pre-wash? Thanks.

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^ Weak selection -- Past VP LVC sales were much better.

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I can provide an LVC 1870s size medium Triple Pleat Denim Blouse if anyone is looking for one. soaked once, never worn.
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