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If anyone was wondering about bedford 519's  - they're excellent.

They feel like trousers you could wear to the beach, then pimp up with some decent shoes + shirt and go to the office / on a date in.

Fabric is durable and stretches out a bit, and they don't bind on runner's/cyclist's thighs - they're comfortable pretty much straight away.

Size wise, I take 32 in 54's, 33 in 47's  - and size 31 is the best fit in Bedford 519's on me. The short inseam length may not be to everyone's taste, but it keeps them looking sharp in line with that crisp 60's prep/beach style. Durable, stylish and unfussy basically - recommended.

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@edmi Seconded. I might even pick up a second pair.

I'm usually a 30/30 in Levi's, but I bought a 30/34 and they fit me pretty normally, maybe a bit long but otherwise pretty great. And the texture is awesome.

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I'm a 33W in both 47 and 54 washed (non-raw) fits. Since the 67 505 is pre-shrunk, would anyone advise a 33 or 34W? Seems like the thigh measurements I've seen on the 67 are pretty tight (like a modern 511).

OTOH, I also wear 33W for Levi's M&C Tack Slims, which are supposed to be modeled somewhat after the 67 fit. Just looking for advice from a 67 owner. Thx.
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I have been dying to grab a pair of LVC'S for quite some time but got caught up on the Japanese brands like Samurai and Iron Heart for awhile.  Through all that my go to jeans remain my 511 selvedges and a pair of Gap slim selvedge.  Iv never been much of a straight jean kinda guy but of late I have been obsessing over the way LVC 501's look on just about everyone.  I would love a rigid pair with a button fly and the slimmest hem possible.  In the modern 501's a 34 waist is best but I could squeeze into a 33 with not much discomfort.  Can anyone please offer up the best year that would give me the slimmest hem with a buttonfly (zipper if had to)  as well as sizing help for that particular year?    

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I just surfed through the newly updated Fall collection website. What do we think of the shirts--

I notice they have a "Mushroom" embroidered denim shirt

And the 1960's velour

Precious or crazy?
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I found some great info on denim hunters and the 54 , 55' & 66's seam to be pretty close to what I want.  I also saw a beautiful pair on Unionmade  and Asos the 47 501 rough rinse.  What the deal with the brown weft threads.  Are the pre washed pairs the only ones that come with this?  I love denim that have that beige look to them

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ok I found a pair of 47 rough rinses for $160 and a pair of 54 rigids for $185   my jeans in my current rotation all measure about 18 inches across but are a tagged 34.  should i get a tagged 34 or 36 in the in the stf  and the rough rinse same question?

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just to let people know.  apparently the "washes" LVC 501 are being discontinued.  expected deep discounts / stacked high / sold cheap.


just picked up a pair of the overdyed 1978 for half price inc shipping.

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Heading to the Meat packing store in NYC today.  Anyone have any experience at this store?  I am hoping they carry a good amount of inventory.  I plan on trying on a few pairs so that I can buy online at a cheaper price.  

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I went there to purchase my first pair of LVC jeans. They had pretty much every year in my size (32" waist) minus one, which I can't remember. The guys there were really patient; I must've tried on every version of unwashed LVC jeans.


They do lean on the skinny look a bit and were suggesting I buy the 66 over the 55 whereas I thought the 55 was better than the 66, which was a little tight.

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If you like Levis LVC, you might be interested in attending this event:

They will have select pieces from the LVC historic archives on Thursday evening.
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Ok i just had my 1st experience at trying on LVC jeans.  The 47 were so tight up top with a tagged 34 but no 36 available so no go there.  Unfortunately they had literally no sizes there full price or at the 70% off they have going on in store.  Mostly 20 something sizes.  The full price stuff (RIGIDS) were also limited up to a 33 or 34waist.   I tried on the 1878's and the 22's if i am right with the year.  I was surprised that i looked better than I thought in them.  So in the end I tried on the 47, 1878, 22, 54 and 66.  All either were a 33 or a 34 tagged but to tight up top.  The 66 which i tried a 33waist and 36 waist were the best fitting for my bum.   Now that I have an idea of their fits I can jump into a pair.  Just a heads up the 70% off sale ends tomorrow.  They also said they are getting all new stuff on Tuesday

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That wool coat is so dreamy

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I've a pair of Levi's 501xx Big E jeans. The back of the top button reads "337". I can't find any info on this at all when this was made or where. '

I read that R stands for repro and that the sought after 501's read "555".

Can anyone help?

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