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Don Rickles
Adam Carolla
Norm MacDonald
Jim Gaffigan
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Gaffigan is pretty funny. His routines should be really annoying but the guy just deadpans so well that he sells it.
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It's a shame that nobody's mentioned Paul Mooney. Even before he did Negrodamus, he was the genius behind Homey da Clown and wrote jokes for Richard Pryor. His standup beats everyone hands down.
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Just saw Al Madrigal on John oliver's show. Best newer comedian I've seen in awhile.
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I am a fan of Tim Minchin, even though he's more of a musician than a comedian.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post
those 3 are all great, the suck a bag of dicks from louis is hilarious. ive watched hours of hedberg on youtube it never gets old. and between two ferns is awkward comedy at its best

my favorite album has got to be seinfelds "Im telling you for the last time" funny shit

but my favorite to watch are craig fergusons monologues. he cracks me up every time. very unique in my opinion.

edit: daniel tosh is also amazing

Louis CK is a f'ng riot... 1st time I watched his HBO special I missed half the jokes from laughing so hard at the previous ones.... agree w/ Tosh as well. I didn't get his schtick at 1st but he really is on the edge of irreverance and takes the "offend everyone" approach. It's great to really REALLY laugh out loud!!!!
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Just watched the new Paul F. Tompkins special. Absolutely hilarious.
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Jim Gaffigan's new hour is awesome considering how clean the content is (as usual). $5 direct download.
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I've got a whole new appreciation for Godrey. I've always liked his stuff but he is great live. Went to see him tonight and because it was the only show of the evening, he went on for 2.5 hours. Jaw fucking hurts for laughing so long
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