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i only wear john galliano in college
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Originally Posted by Doctor View Post
It's really easy to dress well at uni/college because everyone there looks homeless to begin with.

My uni wardrobe looks like this:

- 2x pairs of selvage jeans (1 black, 1 indigo) - more to come
- Short sleeve button downs - various colours and styles, all tapered fit. Some solid colours, others with vertical stripes, a couple with patterns.
- Long sleeve button downs - generally makes me look a bit formal for uni, but I still wear them a lot with the sleeves rolled. Mostly they're solid colours with details in the fabric or plaid/tartan type patterns. A couple of striped ones also.
- Polos - mostly PRL because PRL Custom fit fits me well (big shoulders, tapering to small waist). Hate the pony though. I try not to go too over the top with polos, usually a solid colour with details on the colar/hem/sleeves. I do have a few 'not overly pretentious' striped ones.

NO T-shirts. I know, it's weird. Something I'm working on. I just feel I look like the masses in a T-shirt. Nothing special or different.

- White canvas sneakers
- Red/Gold funky canvas sneakers
- Nike basketball shoes in red/blue/grey
- Desert boots
- Lacoste sneakers in green and white with striped laces
- some slightly more classy distressed brown leather boots

If it gets cold (rare where I live - it's impossible enough wearing jeans all year) I throw on a sweater (brown, black, green or white/black stripe) or wear an all white Lacoste hoodie.

Huge wardrobe, I know. I buy EVERYTHING at sales. The big department stores have some real bonanzas around here during June/July. Picked up a swag of $150 shirts for $30 the other week.

Basically jeans + any decent shirt + canvas sneakers = college wear. It's actually a weird topic to start a thread on because, as evidenced by my post, anything works...

I agree with all but the NO t-shirts thing. You can get some pretty distinct t-shirts that aren't too loud but will certainly attract the fairer sex (or the same, I guess). If you walk around all day in nothing but polo's people will quickly consider you a stiff.
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^^ That is precisely what I'm grappling with. Polos don't portray the best image, as much as I like them. What are some nice T-Shirts I can look at with a decent tapered fit (note: I have solid shoulders with a small waist, so a lot of "slim fit" clothing simply doesn't work because it's too slim in the shoulders. I do, however, want a fit that is slim in the waist).
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wat everyone know fashunz>food. ask all the goth ninja on superfuture. live off ramen, buy 2k ro leathers, live in shitty apartment, act cool on internet cuz no1 else cares. fail
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Hanes is the best T-shirt ever. 3 pack is like 9 dollars at Wally-World.
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why wouldn't you want to stand out? if you didn't, wouldnt you just wear what everybody else is wearing?

i personally always love to stand out in a can pretty much recognize me easily anywhere i go
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Discount stores like Loehmann's are great for budgets. I don't know if you have one nearby you can pile discount upon discount and I've gotten some amazing deals. These DKNY shirts were $165 each and I bought two for $20 each, and a $265 Theory shirt for $35. End of season sales are great too. In my experience, Marc Jacobs marks his stuff down 70% by the end of the season, and John Varvatos around 40%. Every store varies, though. Barneys is good too, they have some leather and sude shoes in the $100-$200 price range, although there was much more at the beginning of their sale.
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gq has a sweet photo shoot of college style in their latest issue with weeds' hunter parrish. some faves:
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stop wasting money on shitty jeans like R&R and TR.
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wait you can afford RnR and TR but not nice jeans... oh lul
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Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite View Post
Nobody is about to actually dress like that at college. Not my college anyway... and I'm in the law school which has a reputation for being the best dressed.
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Maybe elements of it. The jean jacket, the hat, and maybe even the tie. But not all of them together.
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Originally Posted by Doctor View Post
Nobody is about to actually dress like that at college. Not my college anyway... and I'm in the law school which has a reputation for being the best dressed.

Over the last year, I visited colleges all over the east coast and midwest (U.S.) with my son. Never saw anyone dressed like this. Mostly jeans and t-shirts.
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Originally Posted by fireshower View Post
I've been reading the forums and getting ideas for quite a while now, but I noticed that a lot of fashions aren't accessible for college students who get by on ramen and water.

Generally it's my policy to look slightly better than anybody else, but not so much such that I stick out or anything. A subtle chicness if you will.

A typical day generally looks like:
  • No Design Fitted Tee (BR, Gap)
  • Random Blue Jeans (R&R, TR, etc.)
  • Black Etnies

If I'm dressing for a date or something, I usually try to dress better, but still not too stuffily. That usually ends up with me wearing a fitted black button down, or just throwing an H&M overcoat on top of a shirt.

I was wondering whether anybody has any suggestions as to how I can expand my wardrobe. I'm specifically looking for affordable dress shoes which will go with jeans, and casual button downs which aren't just the standard black.

Also, what do you folks do about shorts? I feel like khaki cargo type shorts were never fashionable, and the quicksilver plaid type is questionable.

If it helps, I'm 5'7, asian, and have a fairly slender build.

Go here:

This site seems geared to the college kid crowd. Very Gap/American Eagle/J. Crew-ish.
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My best advice would be to go for some core basics to start.

1.) American Apparel 2001 T-shirts. Run about $6 a piece on eBay, they last forever and don't fade very much. I've had 3 or 4 for over a year now and they look great still. Basic T-shirts aren't high fashion but they're essential in any casual wardrobe and these AA t's are the best imo and the price is right for you.

2.) For button down shirts on a'll have to work for these. Look at target...believe it or not they sell short and long sleeve button down shirts on the cheap that fit really well. You can't hope for tremendous quality but the price is right. Look at as well. Jantzen is a made-to-measure service -- you send them measurements off your body they send you a shirt that fits you like a glove. They have tons of fabrics to choose from, make sure you're clear about what you want though because they sometimes make errors with fabrics and such.

Wait for sales at GAP and jcrew.

3.) This is a big one: save for some new jeans. Everyone her would suggest a nice pair of slim/straight leg raw denim, and I would suggest that as well -- so long as you're comfortable in that sort of fit. Good brands to look at for a first pair are A.P.C. And Crate denim. The price point is around $150 before any discounts (there are several floating around this board) so I would suggest that you do lots of research and scout the perfect pair for you.

4.) For shoes I would suggest that you start from the ground up. Get some new casual shoes then work your way up to a pair of dress shoes that will fit what you have in your wardrobe. Get a pair of chuck taylors in a timeless color such as black or white. They look better with age and will never let you down at $35-40 a pair. Meanwhile, troll eBay for some discounted allen edmond shoes if you wish.
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