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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post
I heard their instrumental the other day, "Flying", and was immediately back in my best friends studio staring at Magical Mystery Tour , intrigued and puzzled by what it all meant. Now that was weird when it was released, but in a cool way. I still don't know what TMMT was all about.

Flying and Blue Jay Way were the original ambient/chill-out tracks.
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I love most of their songs! But for the moment my favorite is Here Comes the Sun! "Little darlin'..."
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Happiness is a Warm Gun Cry Baby Cry I'm So Tired I Should of Known Better Helter Skelter The Inner Light I Want to Tell You
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So hard to just pick one!!! But for now it is 'ticket to ride' and 'get back'
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Ticket to Ride is an awesome song.
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Impossible to pick one, requires too much commitment. Top ten are likely:

And Your Bird Can Sing
I'm So Tired
Get Back
Don't Let me Down
Hello Goodbye
Polythene Pam
Tomorrow Never Knows
Here Comes the Sun
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

That was painful
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^ gnatty8 is correct about its impossible to pick just one, having grown up with them they sort of form part of the aural wall paper of my life. But today I would have to say While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
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Originally Posted by gnatty8 View Post
And Your Bird Can Sing

Good call. My own essay at a top 10 (I make no pretense of having heard every song):

Come Together
In My Life
Here Comes The Sun
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
And Your Bird Can Sing
And I Love Her
I Am The Walrus
A Day in the Life
Here There and Everywhere
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I don't even think I could post a top ten... nearly impossible. An there are more than a few from John's solo and of course George.... wow. Just thinking about it makes one realize how truly talented and special they were. 500 years from now (if were still around!) people will still listen to the Beatles....
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Strawberry Fields Forever
Eleanor Rigby
You've Gotta Hide Your Love Away
For No One
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Not my FAVORITE (Yesterday holds that honor, but it's cliche), so I'll go with Norwegian Wood.
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Hmmm. Can't pick a favorite, but every time I hear Help! I marvel at the lyrics. Perhaps they've taken on added meaning from the accumulated years. That occurred to me as I was getting tea just now.
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I'm so tired I want you (She's so Heavy)
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Just listened to Octopus's Garden and it's been bumped to my new favorite.
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I fully admire and appreciate the genius of the Beatles, but there are very few of their songs I would go out of my way to listen to. I own some 500 or so CDs, maybe more, and not a single Beatles album among them. Maybe they're all just so overplayed. Possible exception is Eleanor Rigby. Many of their songs IMO are more entertaining when covered, e.g. Cocker's "With a Little Help..." I've heard just amateur troubadors and the like covering "Blackbird" and it's a beautiful song, but the Beatles version doesn't affect me the same way. Perhaps again it's just the novelty of another voice, as all these songs have been beaten to death on the radio.
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