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Lorenzini vs. borrelli

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I am just curious to which is a better make of shirt, or are they of equal quality? Thanks.
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Borrelli shirts are considerably better regarded generally, for their level of workmanship and artisanal details. Moreover, for my tastes, their cut is better - slimmer to the torso. Not to mention, I love the beautiful, soft collars of Borrelli shirts (I've never understood the attraction of super-stiff collars.) Notwithstanding, Lorenzini shirts are very well made, and if you can get them on sale, (Borrelli shirts are less common,) represent a terrific value. A piece of trivia: Paper Denim Cloth sportswear/jeanswear shirts are made by Lorenzini.
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For all intensive purposes, yes they are comparable HOWEVER: Those glorious Borrelli collars...soft, yet hold their shape, and button perfectly. The Borrelli buttons are miniature works of art. And the crow's stitch used to attach them are a hallmark of skill. The Borrelli shirts have extensive handfinishing that the Lorenzini shirts do not. Quite frankly, I can't tell the difference between a hand finished shirt and a machine made shirt, given the machine made shirt is of sufficient quality, which the Lorenzini is. All in all though, spend the extra money and get the Borrelli. You won't be disappointed.
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keep in mind that Borrelli shirts have a LOT of handwork, while lorenzini (while made with very expensive cottons) makes their shirts by machine. actually, there is a really good article on the differences, etc. in the November 2002 issue of the Robb Report, pages 231-235 (Style: "what makes a great shirt?" by william kissel)
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Thanks all. Just to let you know I got a Borrelli before I even posted this up, but I was curious because I saw that the Lorenzini shirts were at the same price point as the one I got. I definitely favored the Borrelli's over the Lorenzini's just from the feel and the look of the shirts, plus the added little booklet with the Borrelli also helped sell me I guess (plus provide the necessary information on the shirt). Seeing as I didn't know much about the Lorenzini's; whether they were hand made, of good quality, or worth the price, I just passed them by. Now there wouldn't be any difference in the level of quality of a Borrelli made for Louis Boston and under just their (Borrelli) own name would there? Finally any other shirt makers along the same quality as these two mentioned that I should keep my eyes out for, especially when it comes to the handmade/ hand finished details?
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Three shirts I would rank alongside Borrelli would be Kiton, Attolini and Barba. All are from Naples.
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Marols are also nice, as are Frays (see earlier thread in this category), and a good case can be made for Stefano Ricci as well. IMO Kiton and Fray have the nicest fabric; I have a real fondness for soft cotton and high threadcounts. Also IMO Borrelli has the best construction and consistently the most interesting choice in colors. You may also want to read the GQ article about made to measure and custom in the 9/2002 issue. If you can afford it, that's a really nice way to go. Since that article was written, I've had a chance to visit Anto in Beverly Hills and it is really nice. I've also had T&As in the past and they're first rate as well. The manager of their boutique in New York used to do their trunk shows, and is just awesome to deal with. Just got a heck of a deal on a Zegna Napoli Couture at a Last Call recently, too. I'd compare it favorably to any of the Borrellis I have. But Lorenzinis are nice too. They also have the reinforced gussets and nice thick buttons. I like their longer collar points, and the foldover pocket tops. I think they make a sleeker shirt that matches better with the more modern suits many of you guys (LAG and PStoller) seem to favor. It gives them a distinctively different look from the rest of what's out there. Sak's had some a couple of seasons ago with some really soft cotton. Eton of Sweden is another nice shirt, somewhat similar to Lorenzini. And Zegna always has interesting colors and textures each season. Isaia and Barbera make some great classics in broadcloth (a la T&A fabricwise) as well. Can you tell I'm a shirtaholic by now? Should we start up a 12 step group?
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how's the fit of Lorenzini? Slim like Borrelli or flowing fabric?
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BBB: I don't consider either to be a slim fit. For me slim fits are, from tightest to fullest, Paul Smith, Brioni, Barba, Isaia, Armani, Fray, Kiton, Barbera, Zegna, Borrelli, Lorenzini
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