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You get what you pay for? (LL Bean)

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I am looking to add a pair or two of shorts and pants to my casual rotation. I get the LL Bean catalogues in the mail what seems like every second day, and I guess their spend on postage is working because I'm thinking their Double L Chinos (shorts and pants) are looking like a good deal. I'm partial to the moss khaki color.

It seems to fit a lot of the things I'm looking for on paper: classic fit, plain front, wrinkle resistant, etc., but I would like to know what people's experience has been with them or if there is another comparable alternative I should look at. I tried searching a few different ways, and did not come up with much information. Apologies in advance if this is redundant and the information is already somewhere in the forum and I was just unable to find it. Thanks for your input. -B

Eh, While I'm at it anyone have any experience with their trim fit polos? At these prices it just seems like it can't hurt to try, but I'm always up for avoiding disappointment, if possible.
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I have no experience with the products you are specifically interested in, but I can say that just about every product I have gotten from Bean in recent years (mostly flannel shirts and corduroy trousers) has been very satisfactory. I think they deliver very good value for the dollar, and I have been doing business with them, intermittently, for well over 50 years now.
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I was just looking at those the other day. They do a good job of keeping their price low.
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I bought a pair of those shorts earlier in the year. They get more wear than any other pair right now, I love them. I have been happy with everything else I got from LL Bean, too. I think the price to quality ratio is great.
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Great to hear. At $25 a pop it wouldn't be a total loss it they were duds... they'd be fine as a pair for yard work or painting. It is always nice to get that extra bit of SF information/confirmation before a purchase, no matter how small. Thanks again, -B
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LL Bean is much like Lands' End, in that some items are nicer than others but all come with the same unbeatable guarantee. The stuff is generally priced pretty fairly for what you get.

I'm not much on Bean's dressier clothing, but their more rustic stuff is perfectly fine. Some of their wool sweaters are great. Wouldn't hesitate to try their shorts, if so inclined.

As you might expect, the clothing does tend to be cut a bit full.
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I've got a few pairs of their slacks and one pair of the shorts. The classic cut is a little bit full in the thighs and seat but narrow in the ankles. The quality is really good for the price. I'll never turn down a pair of their wool flat front/classic cut when they go on sale. On those rare occasions that I wear shorts they're llbean linen shorts.
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