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No bricking but very obvious thinning to the rim. Nice garnet, not dark. Tart cherry, bit of a dried fruit component, something nicely floral, and black pepper.
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^This wine is awesome! $15
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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

'15s in Beaujolais are really good.

A steal at $17

Love this wine

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Testable Riesling Thursday

Some thoughts: I think for a novice I get a lot more out of tasting one varietal and all of its manifestations rather than all testable reds. There are people in the group who are testing so I completely understand the need for being broad, however. I think the Alsatian Grand Cru stood out amongst the several off dry Mosel kabinetts, not for the sake of quality, although that's to be expected to some extent, but because the fruit forward aroma, high acid and high sugar content in repition. I think there were some really excellent examples of German producers here and I'm very happy to have participated this night.
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Very nice and wish I could find a tasting group like that.
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Last Friday the somm where we were at had this really nice, well made, well finished wine key that was a combo worm gear + Ah So. It was pretty cool. There was a package today addressed to Mrs. Piob. After she opened the package she handed me this. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Piob you probably have a local somm guild especially if you live in a metropolitan area.
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I've always like this producer. This tastes a few notches older than it is. Excellent for $19DFDBF280-7838-4B9B-BD88-1A7CBAD9BF3F_zpsx47at5su.jpg
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Dont know if you guys have ever seen this series (they have 6 seasons I think)



Not necessarily interested in whether they get it right or wrong, but rather their thought process on why different regions//narrowing down varietals etc.


Also fun to see every few episodes when everyone gets thrown off and gets it all wrong.

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I saw a few episode of this trying to get myself psyched up the other day!
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Birthday wine for wife's bday:

Delicious rich figgy/cherry character with balancing acidity. Highly recommended.
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