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Tonight's wine: La Rioja Alta ViƱa Alberdi Reserva 2009
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^^ I haven't picked mine up yet, but I have loved the previous vintages that I've had.

Side note - my wife and I arrived in Paris yesterday. We went out to dinner at Frenchie wine bar, and we had a glass of champagne that was really interesting/weird. Granted, I have not had a lot of champagne, especially true champagne, but the Flavors were basically super-tart green apple malic acid up front, nuttiness, followed by a VERY long and quite bitter finish. The bitterness was throwing me off - like think orange peel or bitter grapefruit. Is this normal or is it possible I got a pour from an off bottle?

Bottle was Vouette & Sorbee from, I believe Fidele

We had lunch at a cafe and got a glass of champagne there and it tasted much more in line with what I was expecting. I also received like a 2 cup portion of delicious beef tartare, which was excellent, but a prodigious amount!
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Maybe an extended sur lie aging then went on too long? Either that or just an off bottle.

Congrats on being in Paris.
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Found a few of these dusty bottles, described as baby amarone for twenty bucks, very pleased with it. Wish I had the time to go back to that store to get some more.

A lot of plum on this walla walla cab, this is another region I would like to stock up from.

Im trying to convince my parents to build a wine cellar in their basement. Them living in another state makes it easier to not just drink the bottles and also gives me time and space to put these away until I have a more permanent living location. Has anyone here been in this situation before? Or did everyone get into wine collecting later in life?
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Was the Corvina treated to the raisination?

So, did a blind tasting. I did okay but not perfect. Nailed everything except the grape/location (which Old World is really one and the same mostly, right?) I called Chablis but it was Sancerre. To drive my mistake home I popped a bottle of Kermit Chablis. The good news is I would have gotten enough points on the worksheet to pass the tasting at my level. Plan to do this every weekend from now on.

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Piob- are you ordering everything online, or do you have a local store that stocks the KL stuff?
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Can't remember where I got the Kermit bottle but I suspect it was K&L Wines online. I got the Sancerre at the local Total Wine yesterday.

Between CostCo and Total Wine bought 2-3 cases yesterday just to include in structured tastings. Nothing more than $30 a bottle, with some around $10 (hello Albarino and Torrontes), but carefully chosen for typicity. Oct. 1 I'm having three certified somms over for structured tastings. They all used to work at the same place (big resort, Top 100 in the world actually) but now two of them have moved to other local places all with killer wine lists. They're all bringing some bottles too and it should be pretty good. Need to make sure I've got a stack of solo cups for spitting...
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Really wish I was financially independent so I could spend more time and energy on this stuff.
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Honestly that sounds really cool and sounds like something I would be interested in doing when I'm not a slave to the medical education complex in about a century or so. I somehow got into wine after a roundabout way from getting really into cigars, and then bourbon, and now I'm trying to learn as much as I can about wine. I think the intent of the true Sommelier classes would be lost on me because I don't want to be in the industry, but their tasting procedures and learning more about the varietals and what to expect would be something I would love to know more about.

Of course, that means I'm reading and studying in the limited off-time that I have when I'm not studying for school. So I've got that going for me. boxing[1].gif
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Had my first bad waiter experience tonight in Paris. Went to 6 Paul Bert, and ordered the "surprise" tasting menu, Then tried to order wine. I was looking at Riesling from Alsace, and one had a word attached to it that I wasnt familiar with, so I asked the waiter what it meant. Instead of answering my question he just informed me that Reisling was a sweet "dessert" wine and would not be good with dinner - I was sort of looking for a dry or off dry reisling, but my wife and I both like sweet wine too so whatever. I took a few minutes and then tried to order a Sancerre, something pretty certain to be dry, to mollify our waiter. He said that would be very acidic, - I told him that would be fine. He came back a few minutes later and gave me a spiel about how they are into natural wines and the wine i picked was too structured etc. And recommended me a wine, which at that point, of course I bought.

I was pretty pissed. 1st, shut up. 2nd, if you say a wine is too sweet and I order a dry wine, shut up. 3, if your going to be a dick about what wine you think your customers should be drinking with a "secret" tasting menu, which we are, by definition, unable to pair, offer a fucking wine pairing to go with it.
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Look on the bright side: no tipping.
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are you guys getting full pull stuff shipped or picking up? sounds interesting.
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Shipped. Just shipped 2 cases last week
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Shipped. I'm up to around 10 cases with them waiting for shipping. smile.gif
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cool. i'll see if i can get on dat list.
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