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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

I heard last time the allocations were like 2 bottles max

Yeah, they just sent a teaser email out saying the release will be 9/21.  Not sure how many bottles will be available- I only bought one last time around, which is still in the eurocave

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If you like The Rocks and the Cayuse style, yes, go for it. I suspect it will be good for horse trading in a few years too as a following is created.
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Just went though my "cellar" and I'm up to 12 bottles that are too fancy* for me to drink. Collection is gradually growing.

*Daily drinkers for some of you.
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Congrats on the growing cellar, CB.

Terrior Capital founder arrested for wire fraud. Seems he was bilking millions out of at least one client.

Had several roses last night. There was an Italian one, can't remember the grape (damn Eye-ties,) that was really light and drank like refreshing water. Had the new rose from Epoch and it was a nice effort but a little too hot and big for the style IMO. Then I had this and it was awesome. Great nose, very floral, refreshing acid and minerality...would buy a case but I know rose is not something I reach for in the cellar that often.

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^ also used to be a part owner of screaming eagle.
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I did some really structured tasting over the weekend and it was really good for me.

Had a Louis Michel Chablis we dissected and it was excellent. High acidity, green apples, citrus, flint. Zero mallos and so clean and lean compared to so many CA Chards.

An Argentinian Malbec from Mendoza. Holy blackberries, plumb, and black cherries! Toss in some violets and coco and leather. I need to taste me some more of these.
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I'm always wary of South American Malbec just because of how much cheap fruit bombs are out on the market; I know there are some good ones, but I always seem to turn to something else when I see it on a menu or list
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I've had a few Malbec's from Mendoza, and every time I've tasted them blind I've been a) thorough impressed and b) surprised that they were Malbec!

I've had some with 8-10 years of age on them and they were absolutely delicious; others were younger and still really complex and drinkable.


Will definitely be exploring these wines more.

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I've been trying to learn more about wine recently. Picked up a couple bottles that I usually wouldn't (Cotes du Rhone, Granacha, Rioja and a Bordeaux) and bought a couple books to learn more about them. Any tips on good books or things to do when trying to learn more about wine other than drink more (and drink more conscientiously)? I'm all ears.

The books I have are Wine Folly, Wine Bible, and Sommelier Prep Course
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Pretty well known
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post #20186 of 21068 Awesome book on Rioja.

FWIW, a Cote du Rhone is the lowest level of that wine you're going to get in the US. Want a book on southern Rhone? This is awesome:
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CdP can have some Brett/barnyard, so just a heads up if you're not used to that (not necessarily a bad thing)
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Depends on the maker. They've been going more international style and I've heard even Beaucastel has cleaned itself up.
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Another wine we put through "the grid" this weekend was by Burgans, and Albarino from Rias Baixas. It has great typicity.

Should be $10 or $11.
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Also - Wine Atlas - Jancis Robinson is a really well known wine critic as well

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