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I should buy more "bad" vintages. Last night, had a 1994 Cos from a case that I bought on release when I was "poor." I mean, it's not '61 Latour, but it was damn good. Plenty enjoyable for me.
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2 (50) buck chuck FTMFW 

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Total Wine currently 15% off all wines

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For how long? If this weekend will go down and do some buying.
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It's for Labor Day (so I assume ends after this weekend), but you can always order online and it pick up until later.
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Had the unfortunate pleasure of opening the one bottle of Bunchgrass Triolet (Cab/Cab Franc/ Petite Verdot) that I bought from Full Pull. Crazy aromatics and great complexity. Heartbroken the winery is closing and I'll not be able to get more!
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On a real note, opened a bottle of 2009 Duhart Milon on Monday night.  Thought it would be too young but wanted to give it a try.  Surprisingly good drinking young, with deep dark violet color.  Tasted rich, but mostly dusty at first where the tannins dominate.  After 2 hours of decant the fruit opened up and it was a very good wine.  Would be curious to see how it evolves.

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Turley over past 2 days.

I think since Turley has had a new winemaker they've toned down the wine, seems much more 'contained'. Liked the bottle I got.
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I like them too, especially the Cinsault. Tegan's wines for his own label, Sandlands, are also very good. (I think we've discussed them here before)
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Guy from work busted out a bottle of Bond St. Eden 2003 last night at the fantasy football draft, confirms that i just don't get/like Napa cab.

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worth reading a heidonist in the cellar? I like McInerney's fiction writing...
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100% Mourvedre is all the rage these days.
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Had this with dinner. It's a Cayuse side project with distinctive "Rocks" character. I've another bottle and will let it sleep a few more years.

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Dirty & Rowdy is getting popular these days, how was it?

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