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This was very good with dinner tonight. Elegant, nice acidity, light cherry type fruit.

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^ Huh, I don't think I've run across the Finca Meixeman bottling. The last Guimaro I had was the 2014 (I think) vintage of the regular bottling, and it wasn't particularly good--but I'd enjoyed the wine more in the past.

Well, different strokes, I guess. I've had the regular bottling several times and have always loved it. It's more tutti-fruiti and carbonic-like (although I don't think it sees carbonic maceration), while the Finca Meixeman has more of an herbal core underneath.
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Drank a 2008 Chimney Rock Stag's Leap District Cab Sauv & 2007 Argentina Malbec (forget the producer) on Saturday. Both were delicious. 

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French two days in a row; not something that I usually do. This was drinking very nicely and I had it with a ribeye.

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Very good QPR, nice and bright. Red fruit, flowery

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Ha! I almost opened one of those tonight!
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Full Pull! 90% of the stuff I get from them is purely French/Italian QPR stuff
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Full Pull ftw.
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Another thing from full pull. Tasty AF.
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Yeah - they're great, especially for the price

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Picked up these four recently from the LCBO...


x1 2010 Cascina Dardi Bussia Barolo (a gift for a friend I'm visiting this weekend)


x1 2012 Xavier 100% Cotes du Rhone (40% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 15% Mouvedre, etc.) I've never tried the CdP from this producer, but I know they are one of the most respected in CdP, so I'm excited to try this entry-level bottling. I've included a link below to a wine of their's I find interesting: a non-vintage CdP, which by the description, sounds excellent.



x2 2009 Canonica a Cerreto Chianti Classico Riserva. I tend to love good Chianti with a few years age on it and can usually find at decent prices for daily-drinking. I usually spend $16-20 for my daily drinkers and this was $20.


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Today - forgot who recommended Loosen, but I like it - would have preferred bone dry - but this was at Costco for $9, so had to try

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Seems interesting, not sure if it will disrupt, but I might bite given my significant others penchant for white and mine for red.

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Interesting - if it was able to use normal wine bottles (reseal/vacuum) it would be amazing. 

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Great. An iPad on the wine bottle...
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