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I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm over wine.
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IDK. Prices for one thing. I'm just in a mood this morning I guess.
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Or possibly because you drank too much last night? Haha
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Nope. Felt this way for a month now as all the spring releases come out. Booker is coming out next week, and with shipping, it's going to come to about $85 a bottle. I just cannot make myself pay that particularly when it's a hostage club. I just cancelled my Booker membership and that's got a wait list similar to Saxum.
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Yeah, I'm mostly going for value French/Italian wines - cancelled most of my clubs, and most well known US wines are overpriced compared to old world
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

about $85 a bottle

That would induce wine-malaise in me as well
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Opinions on Belle Glos Las Alturas? Had a glass tonight and thought it was excellent.
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I can't tell you the botttlings but I know I've had a couple from them and thought it was perfectly fine Pinot.
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Paitin barbaresco today.
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Labeled as Pinot but much heavier and tasted almost like a Zin. I took a sip and had to look at the bottle again because it was unlike most PN I've had before
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I picked up a couple of bottles of this for $40. It's part of why the top producers in CA are bugging me over their pricing so badly. This was great, American oak spiciness was evident but a really great, medium bodied, complex wine. Starting to get some aged notes like leather to it under the fruit.

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Had this for the first time last night:

It was purchased in the early 90s and kept in my friend's cellar the whole time and one of the best tasting Champs I've had in a long time. Deep golden colour, a fine but lively bead still, and the complexity. Wow. Creamy, brioche, nutty notes from lying on the lees for years but a really citrus component that was incredible. I'm a fran if this is a typical Grand Cuvee.
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I had a couple of very nice wines this weekend.

(Not my image.) Alheit Vineyards is another one of these new South African producers similar in style and approach to Eben Sadie: they buy their grapes (typically from under-appreciated or unpopular varieties) from dry-farmed bush vineyards at (relatively) low potential alcohols and produce distinctive wines that are unmistakably New World but still restrained. Cartology is Alheit's "villiage" offering, made with grapes from a number of Western Cape vineyards. It's mostly Chenin Blanc with about 10% Semillon. Very good acidity, lots of the non-fruit aromas that one associates with Chenin and Semillon (wet wool, wax, wet rocks, etc.). Medium-bodied. Very characterful. Love it. Not cheap, but worth it. The worst thing about it is the stupid wax capsule -- there's simply no way to get it open without making a mess.

Guimaro makes mostly reds (from Mencia) in Ribeira Sacra in Northwest Spain. Finca Meixeman is one of their single-vinyard offerings. If you like Cru Beaujolais, you'll love this. Mencia has the same jovial fruitiness that Gamay has -- you wouldn't mistake the two, but the general idea is similar. This is more serious, with a decent tannic backbone a a good deal of herbalness and earthiness under the fruit. A bit more expensive than your run-of-the-mill Cru Beaujo, but still a decent enough value.

Guimaro is imported to the US by Jose Pastor Selections. I've liked most of what Jose Pastor imports, although some of it is a bit too crunchy for my tastes. Still, if you're looking for Spanish wines and you see that he imported something, it's probably worth checking out.
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^ Huh, I don't think I've run across the Finca Meixeman bottling. The last Guimaro I had was the 2014 (I think) vintage of the regular bottling, and it wasn't particularly good--but I'd enjoyed the wine more in the past.
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