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I had a magnum of 1983 Prieurre Lichine. It was a good bottle, not spoiled in the least, but definitely over the hill. Not showing any signs of rot, just clearly past its peak. Terrific on the nose, but about 50% of what you could smell you could not taste. Probably a great bottle 10-15 years ago.

For '83, besides Chateau Margaux, other wines from the appellation that I have had recently and are still killer are Palmer and Cantemerle. Some '83 Pomerols are also still showing quite well, L'Evangile in particular.
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Yeah, I had high hopes for this and while it was fine, it just didn't blow me away. Didn't cost me much either, so that helps.
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Christmas night wines with prime rib. The LLC was wonderful, but needed a couple of hours to hit its stride. The 98 Haut Brion was obviously young, but will be great, we didn't get to the 82. The 82 Cheval Blanc was corked.
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By the way, is anybody following the Premier Cru (the bay area wine retailer) saga? I bought wine from this place occasionally when I lived in the bay area, but always had a bad feeling about them. They took forever to deliver, in one case I took wines on hand after waiting a year for wines I'd purchased to arrive. I found them to be awful people in the storefront, arguing about wines that were obviously corked, and basically just being assholes. I never got their business model, the storefront in Emeryville had about half the available floorspace occupied with wine, the rest was empty. It was a weird place and it looks like they are going down and are likely going to take a bunch of people's money with them.
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I visited that place once but it was on San Pablo in Berkeley (what was a very bad neighborhood in my school days and didn't look like an obvious spot for a fine wine store in 2012). Same place? I've read a little about it. I do recall seeing a lot of fine and rare bottles there and mentioning it to Slewfoot, who basically said "Don't."
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Probably the same place. They've had several different storefronts in the east bay. It's going to be a shit show and there are going to be some really unhappy Chinese guys soon.
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Yeah that's the place. Basically a half block in any direction is a borderline slum.
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Sounds like they weren't all that great at running their wine futures Ponzi scheme
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Picked up a bottle of this for a New Year's Eve dinner. Always wanted to try a Quintarelli red (I've only had the white) - can't wait.
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Both nice and have that "Campanian" white wine taste. Relatively easy to drink but at the same time a bit complicated too. Pronounced minerality. The Falanghina was more balanced overall imo.

Quite rich and concentrated for a Gavi di Gavi. Quite a bit of minerality. Lively acidity. Good value too.

Very oaky, but apparently most Aglianicos are (although this one is a cuvée)? Pretty good overall.

Beautiful wine.

Oaky, bold, firmish tannins, could use a few more years in the cellar. So far, Aglianico isn't my favorite variety but it's growing on me. Overall a pretty great wine with more potential.

Also had a bottle of San Gregorio's Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosso. Pretty nice daily drinker.
A bottle of Domaines Lupier 2010 La Dama. I think I've had the 2009 before (or 2008). This one is almost too ripe and overall less complicated than the 2008 or 2009. Good stuff.
A bottle of Gelnelly Grand Vin Stellenbosch 2009. Easy and delicious.
and other wines I don't recall..
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Was between this and the LP demi sec. I just wish they were easier to find, couldn't find this anywhere in the city and my spot for LP put it on special and replaced it with the brut
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1989 Rauzan Segla is not bad.
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A few pops during the season

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Happy new year, guys!

Really good. Crisp, a bit toasty, lots of citrus and green apple. Definitely a saline finish, assertive but balanced acidity. Definitely recommended.

Also had a glass of Moet. Vile in comparison. Unbounded acidity.
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No pictures, as I forgot my phone, but had quite a few last night with two stand outs.

2005 Dom. Really very good and what stood out was the long finish. Minerality, creamy, raspberry and pineapple, in just a super long finish. They were pouring Veuve Yellow BTG and it was tough to go back to that after we had our Dom. Also had a bottle I liked but I didn't quite get the name. A. Margery, or something similar, but definitely not A. Margaine as I've had plenty of that.

At one point in the evening I was pulled into the wine cellar as there was "something you have to see." A magnum of 2004 Sine Qua Non Ode to E Grenache. Blew the back of my head off. Powerful and dense but balanced and easily the wine of the night for me. I am sure I'll never get another glass of that but I sure would like one.
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