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Originally Posted by aravenel View Post

Our very own @Slewfoot was interviewed on the latest I'll Drink to That podcast:


Only about halfway through it at this point, but definitely worth a listen.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I'm Episode 250, the guy with the Steed jacket in the vineyards. Levi's a really good guy and really gets my new wine app, Pickabottle. While most all of his podcasts are well worth a listen, to really delve into the soul of Burgundy, I recommend checking out the interview with Jeremy Seysses of Dujac.
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Originally Posted by LeatherBoot View Post

Had this tonight:

One of the best Syrahs I have had in a while.  Very round and velvety smooth.  There is a salty complexity too really very nice. 

2008 was a great year for Walla Walla Syrah. In fact, IMO walla walla syrah (esp. rocks region) should be the crown jewel of WA wine, rather than Red Mountain cabs.
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Since I've passed a very important (and slightly dreaded) exam today, I'm just relaxing now, watching series and enjoying some nice beverages. Three exams down, one to go, but the last one should be a piece of cake.

I think it's my first time that I've had V-C (or at least more than just a sip). It's not bad. The acidity it too harsh for my taste. At retail, I'd probably not buy it again, but I got it for like 15-20 € (devil.gif) and you can't go wrong for that price.
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I'm sure this video won't interest everyone but it's Eric Jensen of Booker Wines interviewing Stephen Asseo of L'Aventure wines.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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I had this last night and it was quite enjoyable: 



Tonight I had these two:



The Musar was excellently preserved.  Red fruits and leather no faults to speak of.  Almost no sediment...only minimal fines. 


The Beaurenard was much bigger and bolder.

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Amabuki Daiginjo. Opened this last week when I noticed that it's already quite old (1 year since bottling, which, to my knowledge, is about the maximum one should keep (most) sake). It uses yeast derived from the "abelia flower" (no idea how that works). Really good stuff. Full of flavor. Not very dry but this only enhances the flavor. Lovely.

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