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Sitting on the counter of my new bar back.
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Originally Posted by aravenel View Post

Entertaining read.




Alcohol can cover a lot of sins in the hands of a skillful wine manipulator.

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but seriously though, it's like being that guy in math class who raises his hand and says "i know we're not that far into the lesson, but if you think about it we actually haven't solved the proof yet..."

The wine business is quite shady, from growers (undocumented workers? breakin' the rulez!), producers (ok, lots can go here), distributors, stores ("damn, this stuff is gross but cheap, raise the price by 50% and call it a staff favorite"), auction houses ("give it a glance over and we'll call it authentic"), to wine-o's (see that Kurniawan thing?). I'm reading a book on Burgundy, and even the author mentions wine production where the wine in barrel is topped off every month with wine of shady origin (another vintage from the producer? a completely different wine?). At the end of the day, wine is wine. If the wine is great, then yay, if it sucks, then fuck that producer. I don't bother with looking much beyond that.

You know what? I completely agree with this. If the wine is great I couldn't care less. I'm just not a fan of cheating and dishonesty and would prefer if I'm drinking something that's actually what the producer claims it is but I would drink it and buy it if it's tasty. I think the other problem with blending and non traditional grapes is that the wines end up tasting too similar (generally hot and fruity) although sometimes it's done well. IMO producers should be given leeway to do what they want but it should say so on the wine label.

(Kermit lynch suspects a lot of burgundy producers and bordeaux producers are actually adding rhone wines to their wines. Dunno how true the accusation is)

pB the wines I mentioned don't exist. Ponsot didn't make that wine under their label until the 80s and dom perignon didn't release in 2001
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Avior Reserva '09 good as always.

Very oaky. But delicious nonetheless.

Côte de Provence is very difficult, IMO. Most of the rosés and blancs are flabby, sour, bitter and alcoholic (and often overly sulfuric). Even in the higher price regions. Even (some of?--I've only really tried Château Minuty) the Cru Classés. Anyway, this was pretty good. Their "cheaper" wines weren't great either--the Cuvée Grande Réserve was disappointing and the Cuvée Domaine was almost undrinkable. Didn't sample their reds.
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