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from what i understand langhe bianco can use a lot of different varietals. i had a langhe bianco from vajra that was made of riesling. i think arneis and vermentino (its called something else there tho. i forget what) are the more traditional grapes

2011 thibault liger-belair bourgogne. I think les grand chaillots is to indicate its a lieu dit but not too sure. thicker and richer than i like in burgundy and its 13% but its quite nice. i think i paid $25. has a little bit of that old oak taste and some nice minty eucalyptus violet secondary flavors

tried a canned wine for the first time. have to say it was actually not bad and it was $8 for the can (375 mL) (look like only $12 for the bottle). that fruity west coast pinot flavor and the color was very pretty. doesn't specify a vintage and i feel like they buy grapes maybe even the wine and just bottle/can it. i don't think they use oak at all. i loled at #pinkiesdown
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This was alive and well last night.

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What's a good resource for reading about certain vintages of wines?
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usually the regionally specific books have lots of information about vintage
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Yeah, but how about current vintages that are being released?
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I usually get that kind of stuff from wine mailing lists and such--View from the Cellar, Mosel Fine Wines, etc. It's not a centralized source, but they generally have vintage reports for the regions they cover.
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the only vintage report i usually care about is one that says "drink later"
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Robert Parker and wine enthusiast publishes vintage charts but they're kind of general. Like I think the Robert Parker just does numerical scores

Jancis Robinson writes detailed assesments but I think it's behind a paywall.

A lot of the specialized wine writers do vintage assessments but a lot of them use paywalls (eg allen meadows and burghound)

Clive Coates publishes detailed vintage assessments for burgundy on his website for free which I really like. Far more useful than a subjective numerical number. It's just kind of hard to find. You just have to google Clive Coates vintage 2012 for example

I really don't find numbers useful at all. So much depends on the producer and the land that a general number for the whole region is kind of useless

To add to what aravanel said the large wine retail stores and importers and distributors (like zachys or sherry Lehman or Michael skurnik) will send out a lot of good info on their mailing list about the incoming vintage in addition to their sale plugs.
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^ Slightly similar is the idea of putting your wine in the blender. Anyone here ever tried that?

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^Hyperdecanting. Still haven't tried it.

Had a bottle of Marchese Antinori Chianti Classio Riserva 09 yesterday. Always a solid choice.
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I generally use WS for reading up on vintages. They go back to about 2005/6 from what I can find.

They include comments on the vintages from local producers so you possibly get a more rounded picture?


Ex. California 2012 vintage (details for other countries/regions can be found under 'Harvest 2012')

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Wine in a blender?  I thought you were supposed to be gentle with wine.  Oh well, that just goes to show how much I know.  Seriously, I know zilch about wines, but.........



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Have had blenderized wines... improved a couple. Btu mostly it made them too, too soft for my liking - yet the guy doing it and his friends loved it. They like weak wines IMO.
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you don't have to be gentle with wine, nor should you drink a wine that needs time in a blender.
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