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the two others are mine right?
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^^ Nice. Favorita is such an under-appreciated wine.
Beautiful summer drink.
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Someone gave me this:

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'07. This was pretty horrid. Sour, unbalanced, weird. Probably an off bottle.
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Subscribed to burghound and got a personal email next day from Erica meadows who is the wife of Allen meadows the writer. Crazy service
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This is probably a long shot but maybe one of you enthusiasts can help me out. When we were in Umbria we had a red from Montefalco that my wife really loved. I've had no luck looking for it, but do recall that the label had a drawing of the church in the town square of Montefalco (pictured below). Thanks in advance if anyone has any idea.

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Was the wine Sagrantino?

Maybe Rocca di Fabbri?
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any chance it's the Fidenzio Montefalco Sagrantino?
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would you rather spend money on a bunch of good quality village level wines or one nice bottle of wine

i really want to try a les amoreuses from one of the more affordable producers like amiot servelle or groffier, but at that price i could be trying a few premier cru level volnays and pommards
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you're doing it wrong. Good quality village level wines are really nice bottles of wine. From a great producer, they are excellent bottles.

"better designation, more affordable producer" is a total no, and this is where you'll get burned. It's also the hardest thing to overcome. We need Manton in here to talk about the Jadot Corton he got for $45-50 and the Bachelet "Bourgogne Rouge" he got for $40.
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so you think if i buy a bottle of say les amoureuses i should be prepared to pay roumier, mugnier prices?

since i can't try a bottle before buying it i've been going to by ratings and tasting notes

i've been trying to buy value. like remmington norman and richard parker think lafarge's village volnay is basically a premier cru and i found a 2006 at a good price so i bought that.

i dont know how else to go about this on a budget

the other thing is i dont know if i should be buying grand crus or super premier crus. the available ones are never more than 10, 12 years old and i dont think i should be drinking grand crus that young. although i hear some vintages are better drunk younger
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Originally Posted by gomestar View Post

any chance it's the Fidenzio Montefalco Sagrantino?

THIS IS IT happy.gif

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biggrin.gif happy endings make me happy
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Don't you live in a major city? You can find a different wine tasting every night of the week somewhere...
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