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Excellent. This is a step below their Amarone but $50 less per bottle.
At ~$35 a bottle good value and delicious. Will be very interesting around 2020.
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If any of you are interested in getting your hands on some great Washington wine at somewhat discounted prices, you might be interested in the business linked above. They also have pretty good offerings/deals on imported wines - typically old world stuff.
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I guess I should explain, since the website is pretty skeletal. Its a wine mailing list based out of Seattle. They send out emails every day or two with various offerings. Most of their stuff seems to be in the 22-32 dollars per bottle range, but there are some daily drinkers (11-16) and more expensive bottlings in there as well. They ship wine in two shipping windows per year - during the spring and fall. Or, you can always pick it up, if you're local.
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Keep an eye on any Andrew Will.
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Opened the 2nd bottle of Taylor's 10. Pretty good.

Also, a bottle of Villa Antinori bianco. Solid.
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Really don't like that Vila antinori Bianca. Way too fruity and sweet with not enough acid to balance it.

Leather, plums, high acid. Incredible bargain for fourty
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Fruity, probably. But sweet?
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I take sweet back. But honestly too fruity.
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IMO the minerality/earthiness/"gaminess"/whatever-iness makes up for it. YMMV, obv.
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Originally Posted by Cary Grant View Post

Keep an eye on any Andrew Will.

They actually just offered some a week ago. Admittedly, it's not a name I'm familiar with - I just went back and checked the archives. Currently my wedding (next month!) is taking up all disposable income, but hopefully in the coming months I'll be able to grab some nice bottles here and there to stash away!
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Moët Hennessy had a tasting of their portfolio on monday. They served the usual, i.e. Moët et Chandon, Veuve Cliquot, Ruinart and some whites and reds (cloudy bay was the only ones I tried). But, they also brought Krug, Dom Perignon and some heavy lumber Hennessy. 


Krug GC, Krug Rosé, Krug 98, Krug 00 (finished when I got there), Dom Perignon 03, Dom Perignon Rosé 00, Dom Perignon Oenotheque 96 (also missed, damn), VC La Grande Dame 04, VC La Grande Dame Rosé 98. 




Hennessy Richard and Paradis Imperial.



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I have tried several of the above and the 96 oeno and the 2000 rose are spectacular. Moar, plz
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the regular Dom is great and all, but the '96 Oeno and '00 Rose are out of this world.
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I'm pissed I missed the Oeno, but I've had it before. Which, tbh, makes it all the harder to miss it, since I know how great it is. The rosé was great. 



Tonight I'm having this. And some friends are bringing some reds.  




Currently sipping on this half bottle. Open since last night, really good. 


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2005 Batasiolo Barbaresco. Just ehh.
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