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Thx, lads
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Excellent upon opening. Will keep for several years.
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Manton, you might not believe this, but I think this bottle would not have benefited from any more aging. It took some time to open up but was very nice with subdued fruit once it got some air.

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interesting article in today's WSJ on wine scores

(for the record, i hate wine scores. But I give my post 91 points)
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Very nice, light, exceptionally bubbly, on the opposite end of the spectrum from Krug, Selosse, Jacquesson, et al.
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Bah humbug to states with ridiculous liquor laws. I'm graduating from grad school in May after 4 years, 117,000 miles of commute, 5,000 hours of study and classtime -- while working fulltime. Going to have a nice dinner at a restaurant local to the college after I walk (never did that before either), and it is frustrating to me that I live in one of those stupid states that does not allow you to have wine shipped in. I will be opening a nice Sauternes after dinner, but would love a nice CdP with some years on it it celebrate, and with eight people for dinner, I'd need a pair or a mag and I really don't have access to what I want. I have a 75 or so bottles of wine total at any given time, but apart from my Sauternes, none are really special except a few singles. I suppose I will go grab a few bottles of Vieux Telegraphe -- usually lovely even when young. Any other suggestions?


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Open a couple of hours and its rounding into shape nicely. Lots of graphite and minerals. Not as complete a wine as the 95, at least not to my tastes, but a great match with a ribeye.
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Very nice.
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Yum...the 95 Graves wines are quite tasty as well as you pointed out.
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Tim Hanni has come to my attention. Thoughts on his self-proclaimed crusade to prove White Zin is better than first growths?
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Stumbled into a pretty amazing wine shop in an upscale neighborhood of seattle today.

You have to wind your way down a couple narrow flights of stairs and then shove open an unmarked door, but when you do it sort of takes your breath away. Its very small. It's packed to the rafters, and well-curated. Kind of dusty, like an old library. Prices were competitive. Chatted witht the owner for a while about the community (which I grew up in). Got a 2001 Beerenauslese from pfalz and a half bottle of 2008 cab syrah blend from a Washington winery that I'm a fan of. Can't wait to go back and snoop around some more. Glad I found a place to get special bottles from. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Also it was cool that he had both magnums(and larger) and half bottles(and smaller) of a lot of stuff. Clearly a labor of love for this guy.
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The Sauv Blanc is moderately tropical and very crisp. Alright.

The Rieslings are great. Auf der Mauer's strength is the fruit.

The Riesling is pretty good for € 10 -- and fantastic for € 3.99 (some sort of clearance).
Both Weißburgunder are very "weißburgunder-y", I think. Not the most accessible vine. Intense acidity. Dönnhoff's Weißburgunder S is more delicate than Knab's. Knab's is more fruity (Spätlese), and the alcohol is more prominent. Not sure which I prefer, or whether I'll get some again anytime soon.
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Gunderloch for 4 Euro? ffffuuuu.gif
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Yup, went back today and grabbed the last two bottles. It's primarily a liquor/soft drink store with a small wine section. They regularly get rid of wines for very good prices. Not sure what their concept is. Ferrari was pretty cheap once, Gunderloch's Pettenthal GG etc.
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