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I do. Honestly, it drank very nicely. Yes, it could quite obviously have gone much farther.
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Actually it was really nice. Not your typical napa fruit bomb, nice and silky smooth, very easy to drink. Great with the rare ribeye I grilled.
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Had this yesterday with dinner.

The nose was awesome -- crispy, fruity, rich. The taste was thin in comparison. Still, it tasted good, but the nose promised more. One had to catch the right temperature where the flavors began to bloom and the alcohol isn't very present yet. Long-ish aftertaste.

he has a nice sauvignon blanc called 'petit bourgeois' that is pretty good at 13 bucks.
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Had this last night. Awesome minerality on it and smelled of apples. I had it with some arugula and bell pepper salad and it almost took on a minty flavor. All in all I thought it was great, definitely not an "all-nose" burgundy.

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So, the supermarket has some wines on discount. Will definitely pick up a bottle of Antinori il Bruciato '06 because that one was quite nice in the past. So.. would be glad if some of you could comment on whether you've had the wine or, more importantly, in general whether it's already consumable w/r/t age.

Château Boyd-Cantenac 3er Grand Cru '06 (Margaux)
Les Fiefs de Lagrange '07 (Saint-Julien)
Fontanafredda Barolo '07
Château Maucaillou Cru Bourgeois '07 (Moulis-En-Médoc)
Mischief & Mayhem Meursault '06 (Bourgogne, Chardonnay)
Mischief & Mayhem Volany Vielles VIgnes '06 (Bourgogne, Pinot Noir)
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The barolo is not ready now. Give it at least to 2017.
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I like both Boyd-Cantenac and Maucaillou. Have not heard of the others.

Be cafeful with B-C, though, as it really should not be priced like a 3rd growth but often is.
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Ok, I figured the Barolo needs much longer, but you never know.

Manton, B-C is 29€. Definitely very premium for me, but I figured that if it's worth it, I could give it a try for some special occasion. What do you say? Too much?
The Maucaillou is 15€ (maybe not very cheap for it, but hey, it's a supermarket smile.gif), so I'll definitely get one.

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29 sounds quite good. 2006 is a good not great vintage. Definitely a good wine, could develop more I would guess but B-C tends to a softer wine and Margaux (except for the two big dogs) tends to mature earlier anyway.
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Ok, I'll think about it and maybe get one. Merci.
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So, I just noticed that it's the il Bruciato Tenuta Guado Al Tasso '06. I've had the '09. I liked it a lot but it was definitely a little young. Will the '06 be noticeably different in terms of age? No idea how long it's supposed to sit and whether three years make a difference, moreover how the '06 vintage was in Tuscany compared to '09.
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That should be fine.
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