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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

$120 for a 1985 Chateau Poujeaux, yay or nay?
If this is any indication, hellz no:
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Originally Posted by kwilkinson View Post

Conterno inlove.gifdrool.gif

It was really delicious - powerful with substantial alcohol but well balanced. It had a bit of sous-bois and then it was all red cherries and fresh herbs both on the nose and in the mouth. Expensive for a barbera but a very well-made traditional wine. Bottle was finished quite quickly - always a good sign.
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Enjoying a Savennieres right now - Domaine des Baumard Clos du Papillion - flinty with nice acidity.

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Starting to drink my way through this years allocation of Williams-Selyem

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The return of White Zinfandel?!? happy.gif Glad that people are starting to make serious roses in this country. I have oftenthought that Zinfandel should be a really good grape to make rose with, though this looks to have as much Mourvedre as Zinfandel
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Pretty good for the money. Fruity, crisp acidity.

Very jammy. Very new-world I guess. It was good, but I believe I generally tend to favor "old-world".

Also had a '09 Chateau du Levant sauternes along with the foie gras. It's decent, but I figure the more expensive ones (this one is 14€/0.5l) have a fuller body.

Another bottle of the Chateau de Pellehaut. Good.
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I had buckets of Austrian wine last night.

Lots of really great riesling, and even some older gruners that were alive and well. Overall the whites outclassed the reds.

some pics to come later.
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the reds sucked. many of the whites were phenomenal.
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Anyone a Priorat fan?  Took a cooking class nearby a few years ago and visited a few of the out of the way wineries.  Tasted an '09 Les Terrasses by Alvaro Palacios recently.  

70% Granacha, 30% Carinera.  Delicious!

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Got half my cellar moved today. Came across an 03 Pegau. Ready to drink? Supposed to be an awesome bottle.
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Really really hot/ripe vintage.  Will be great or weird.  Hoping for great!

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I'm not worried about the quality of this bottle, as by all accounts it's killer, but rather the readiness to drink.
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If that's your only one, I'd wait.  Otherwise see how it's doing.

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Was lucky enough to try the '09 DRC Esch and La Tache.  The Esch was brilliant, great in every way.  The LT was closed, tannic and will be amazing with some age.  No need to touch for 10 years, well 5 at least.  I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off the Esch, however.  '09 is a great red burg vintage.

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