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Is this tie real?

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I just won this tie.


I'm a little suspicious because of the low price. Also there arn't pictures of much of the back of the tie. What do you guys think?
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That is fake. Hermes doesn't use black tags or tags in general nor does it have that sort of lining. Hermes ties also have some sort of a number printed on th silk itself to designate the pattern. Here is an authentic one: http://cgi.ebay.com/HERMES-SILK-MENS...QQcmdZViewItem
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Doesn't look much like an Hermes pattern anyway. Hermes have a keeper with the horse and cart logo embroidered and "100% silk / dry clean only" - it doesn't say Hermes on the keeper. On the small end on the front side of the silk is a square with another horse and cart and it says "Hermes / Paris (c)". On the back side of the small end is a rectangle that says "Made in France / ### (a serial number) / 100% Soie". The lining is plain silk and of a matching or complementary color.
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Oh, and that tie is too wide for Hermes as well. The real ones I've seen have all been ~3-1/4" wide or so. They are narrower than most ties you see today.
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So what do I do now? I contacted the seller asking him to refund the money and not send the tie.
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Should probably add surfer168 to the bad eBayer list.
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You could also report him to Ebay on it, add it to our thread, add it over on honestforums.com and that other Ebay report forum - I can't remember the name.
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