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Suit Question

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This may be an odd question but I just noticed that in a couple suit that I purchased that in the back pants pocket there is a small bag with an extra button and what appears to be like a flat thick rope.

What is this for ? I went back to look at some other items and I notice all the suits come with this baggie and roped item. Is it something for the waist band or hem ?
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I say, it's not rope son, its tape for the bottom of the trousers! Most better suits come with it. You have your tailor sew the tape around the bottom edge of the trouser leg opening, correct placement is just a millimeter or less past the fabric in the inside of the pant leg. The tape protects the trouser fabric from fraying (from rubbing against your shoes) and gives the legs a bit more weight and form.
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Awesome, I thought it might be something like that after I read a description about a tailor putting it in the wrong position in the peppino thread.

It was kind of strange, when I first found one in a deep blue suit I thought I had inadvertenly purchased a tuxedo and this was the fabric that goes down the leg, then I found it in all my finer suits and couldn't figure out what it was for.

Thankyou for the description of where it should go, I am guessing any good tailor knows where to put it.
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I have all my trousers taped (tailor can do it for casual as well). It really helps with fraying and with overall looks. A good investment.
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The grosgrain material supplied with some trousers is often called a heel guard(some tailors will only install them in the heel area, I have them installed all around) but if none is supplied, a tailor may supply his own or he can use leftover cuttings to serve the same purpose.

In this case the tailor may have been colorblind.

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