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cant express my sartorial inclinations

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okay, i'm here in manila. weather is great if you like the sunny tropical climes. beaches are excellent... and i along with a lot of travellers know- boracay and bohol beaches are the world's best, way better than koh samui, hawaii, maldives, sipadan... anyway, being a tropical country, heavily influenced by american pop culture, the prevalent look here are jeans, polo shirts or tshirts and sneakers. the infamous amjack look also has a following here. suits, sportscoats and the likes are reserved for special occassions and for newsreaders on television. mind you, the philippines also has its healthy share of wealthy people (blindly) willing to splurge on louis vuittons, pradas, ferragamos... but for the lot of them the peak of sartoriality are a pair of gucci horse bit loafers, one of those outrageously expensive new-name denims, and a lacoste shirt. and those adventurous ones look like f'ing model rejects from d&g, armani exchange or kenneth cole. i have been a fan of fine mens clothes and shoes for the better part of my life. what i save i spend on the best i can buy in terms of attire. my recent fortunes in business, i placed it on the accounting books of santoni, corneliani and brooks brothers. in the immortal words of danny glover's character in "lethal weapon": "...all dressed up and no one to blow." thing is, sometimes i feel i have to "dress down" as to avoid being the centre of attraction that i totally disdain. my odd jackets i cannot wear, even if they'e considered tropical or summer jackets. sometimes i have to forego wearing fine trousers in exchange for levi's because of the same thing. and don't get me started with the shoes. i like to somehow be the well-dressed person here, but i risk being branded a dandy if these people knew what a dandy is. how i wish i could go on a night out wearing what i want without feeling "overdressed". forgive me for the long rant. its just something i have to get off my chest. cheers to all!
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im going to be honest. you lost all sympathy from me as soon as i read: okay, i'm here in manila. weather is great if you're like the sunny tropical climets.
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first off, my apologies for the grammatical errors. true, the sunny climate is great if you're lying down on the beach getting a massage with a cold brew in hand. but unfortunately, for the rest of the year we have to work in our offices far from the beaches.
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Is the barong (excuse my ancient memory and any spelling errors) and/or the Singaporean tailored short sleeve shirt/suit and slacks still in favor in the business world? Perry (Who long ago outgrew his banana tree bark derived hand embroidered bespoke barong).
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It seems the only out for you is to become the lovable but eccentric dandy who lives down the street. Then you can dress as you wish.
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yes the barong is still used, but alas, the ones made from finer material are now relegated to a more formal environment, while the norm in the work environment are barongs made of some linen material. i am not familiar with those singaporean tailored short sleeved suit.. do they look like those polyblend leisure suits favored by hongkong actors in the 70s?

to the uninformed here's a description and a pic of the barong:
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